These are photos from the cruise that was the highlight of the MCHS Class of 1960 55th Reunion.  They were taken by Karen Richards Rambeau and Barbara Lewis Borak.  Please send more photos.

Before the ship sailed, the MCHS'60 group gathered on board.  The harbor at San Pedro is visible at the aft of the ship.


With luck, we can identify everyone in the Mira Costa cruising group.  Jim and JoAnn Emmett plus Agnes Leinau and Mike Rambeau are not present for this photo.  At the very top (from left) are Bob Leinau, Harry Borak, Barbara Lewis Borak, Don White and Carolyn Strong White.  Next we have Carolyn Gibbons Brainhard, Diane Denholm Amendola, Alicia Fuller Forsey and Richard Maynard.  Below them are Nanci Corcoran Kelly, Judy Gibbons Shrum, John Winter, Becky Brock Maynard, and Barara Rycroff Colee.  In the next row:  Priscilla Gibbons Haase, Karen Richards Rambeau, Vickie White Costello, then Sharon Archuletta Mansfield, John Costello, and Marianne Davis Moody.
In front we have Jeannie Sigafoos, Ken Sigafoos, Christie Smith Goodwin and Lance Goodwin.

Some of the group waits to disembark at Catalina Island on the second day of the cruise.  From left:  Alicia Fuller Forsey, Marianne Davis Moody, Sharon Archuletta Mansfield, Lance Goodwin, Christie Smith Goodwin, Carolyn Strong White, Becky Brock Maynard, and Priscilla Gibbons Haase. 

Some of the group remained aboard the ship, while others were shuttled ashore at Catalina...

Bob and Gladness Leinau went to a hilltop overlooking the casino during the Catalina stop.

This view of the stern of the ship shows just how big it really is... tall it is!

...and how massive the amenities really are.

Karen Richards Rambeau (above) and Mike (Roger) Rambeau (right) were everywhere.


Above:  John Costello and Vickie White Costello.
At right:  Ken and Jeannie Sigafoos. 


Above:  Barbara Lewis Borak, Alicia Fuller Forsey and Harry Borak.  At left:  Nanci Corcoran Kelly and John Winter.

Alicia Fuller Forsey

Becky Brock Maynard, John Winter and Sharon Archuletta Mansfield (above)

JoAnn Haworth Emmett and Jim Emmett

Christie Smith Goodwin and Lance Goodwin, with Agnes Leinau and Mike Rambeau in foreground

Barbara Lewis Borak and Sharon Archuletta Mansfield.

Bob and Agnes Leinau meet on the dance floor.

Agnes Leinau, Bob Leinau and Nanci Corcoran Kelly.

Sharon Archuletta Mansfield, Priscilla Gibbons Haase, Judy Gibbons Shrum, Carolyn Gibbons Brainhard...

On the Ensenada winery tour:  Lance Goodwin, Christie Smith Goodwin, Karen Richards Rambeau, John Costello and Vickie White Costello.

Also at the winery tour:  Richard Maynard, Harry Borak, Barbara Lewis Borak and Becky Brock Maynard.

A large group on the winery tour (from left):  Becky Brock Maynard, Lance and Christie Smith Goodwin, Barbara Lewis Borak and Harry Borak, (front row) Alicia Fuller Forsey, Karen Richards Rambeau, Vickie and John Costello.

At the margarita stand near the boat, there's Mike Rambeau, Nanci 
Corcoran Kelly, then Harry and Barbara Lewis Borak.  Below:  Karen Richards Rambeau enjoys a margarita while Mike and Harry buy...

Attending a 50s/60s Rock'n Roll night in the Club Fusion were:  Priscilla Gibbons Haase, Alicia Fuller Forsey, Christie Smith Goodwin, Sharon Archuletta Mansfield, Karen Richards Rambeau and John Winter.

As the cruise ends, Barbara Rycroff Colee and Diane Denholm Amendola enjoy the spa.

Sharon Archuletta Mansfield and John Winter head upstairs after a memorable cruise.

More photos to come...

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