Dave Vogl (a pilot's remembrance by Joe Dezso)

Note:  many members of the Mira Costa Class of 1960 got to know Dave Vogl through Karen Aabel Vogl, his wife of 56 years.  Her news item on this website includes a remembrance of Dave written by their son.  Joe saw that and wrote the item below in March of 2020 to express his own feelings about the news of Dave's passing. 

  I hope it is ok for me to express some of my thoughts and feelings about Dave Vogl. I have felt a variety of emotions, including sadness, anger and frustration about his fight with cancer over the years and then what happened afterward. I feel the need to express these feelings with some of those who knew him.

I think I first met Dave at a track meet in1960, my senior year at MCHS. We were both pole vaulters. I remember that evening because he was suffering from a pulled stomach muscle and wasn't doing well, but decided to compete anyway.

Later that year, I gave Dave and Karen an airplane ride. At one of our reunions, Dave told me that the flight I gave him was his first airplane ride (see photo below of the Luscombe Sedan we flew in). I'm sure you know that he went on to become a fighter pilot in Vietnam, then a captain for United Airlines. I've also included a photo of Dave just back from a mission in his F4 Phantom and another photo of Dave flying a 747 across the Pacific.