Daphne Monroe Throne's photo album...

Daphne's family gave the Reunion Committee some of her photos that included friends from Mira Costa.  Here's a sampling from her collection...

This group gathered at a King Harbor restaurant after the 25th reunion in 1985.  On the left are John Goodwin, Diana Jaeger Martin, Erik Gerhardt, and George and Pam Schillinger Gaskell.  On the right are Ken Allen (in rear), Karen Richards Rambeau, Mike Rambeau, Priscilla Gibbons Haase, ?, Brad Stephenson and Zondra Lawler.
At the reunion picnic in 1985 are (from left):  Daphne Monroe, Kay Ruppert, Vicki Bliss, Zondra Lawler, Margie Lewis, Diane Dye and Lynn Richardson. 

Glen McIlvaine ('59) and Daphne

Mike Rambeau ('59) and Daphne in 2002

Daphne with Tuck Stevenson, Brad Stevenson's brother

Daphne with John Goodwin and Noel Sewall in 2002

Mike Woodard ('58) and Greg Holberg ('61) 

Daphne with John Goodwin

Daphne and Vince Salem

Daphne and Karen Richards Rambeau

We had to save this for last:  a collector's item photo of John Goodwin, with wife Darlene, in formal attire!

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