Celebrating the life of Erik Gerhardt

Erik's friends and family gathered at the Redondo Beach Evangelical Free Church on March 23, 2002 to remember him.  Afterward, John and Darlene Goodwin invited Erik's MCHS '60 friends to their home.  Here are some photos of the day. (This may take some download time.  Please be patient.)

Erik's memorabilia display:  souvenirs of a lifetime...

Bruce Gerhardt, Erik's brother, delivers the eulogy.

A telephoto of Bruce Gerhardt...

U.S. Navy representatives pay tribute to Erik.

In the fellowship hall, family and friends gather after the service.

Some of Erik's family:  his brother Bruce, his mother and his sister Joan.

Jim McCaverty signs the guest book.

Carmen Daugherty (left), shown here with Diane Denholm Amendola, came on crutches after knee surgery.

From left:  Karen Rambeau, Daphne Monroe Throne, 
Becky Brock Maynard and Jim McCaverty.

Ken and Kathy Allen (left) with Barbara Delacourt South and Susie Scholl.

Darlene Goodwin, with Mike Rambeau, shows off Erik's favorite goodies.
Karen Rambeau and John Goodwin
admire a digital photograph.

From left:  Linda Reardon Neal, Wayne Overbeck, Vicki Bliss and Norma Rockman.
Many people wore aloha shirts as a tribute to Erik, who loved them.

Remembering Erik's friend Herb DeKraai...
Erik Gerhardt and Herb DeKraai (MCHS '60) were close friends when they were both at Mira Costa.  Later they both served in the U.S. Navy and stayed in touch.  Tragically, Herb passed away in 1991 at age 48.  After that, Erik remained close to Herb's family.  Herb's sister, Susie DeKraai Bradley, attended Erik's memorial service and shared her memories of Erik when he was in high school.  She said that even though she was only a small child then (she is 12 years younger than Herb and Erik), Erik took the time to talk to her and play with her.  She said her parents thought of Erik as a second son after Herb died.
Susie DeKraai Bradley at Erik's service
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