Friday night events...

Here's a sampling of photos by several photographers.  If there's no credit line, the photo was taken by Wayne Overbeck.

John and Darlene Goodwin hosted a gathering Friday night.  Among those present (from left) were Lance Goodwin and Christie Smith Goodwin (no relation to John Goodwin), Becky Brock Maynard and Richard Maynard.

Darlene Goodwin visits with Laura Sewall.
Melinda and Steve Thompson (he was student body president in spring, 1960)

Dave King owns Vista Del Rey winery in Paso Robles.  This is his Zinfandel (photo by Barbara Lewis Borak).
This still life of  Dave's wines was set up and taken by Barbara Lewis Borak.  She received a high-end digital camera as a retirement gift and contributed many photos to these web pages.

Nancy Vening Cypert, Kathy Allen and Ken Allen enjoy the Goodwins' kitchen, featuring cabinetry built by John Goodwin (photo by Barbara Lewis Borak). 

Cathie Camp McMillan, Mary Holmes and Karen Richards Rambeau pose at the Goodwins, in a photo set up by Karen.

An amazing photo in the Goodwin home shows a 1948 kindergarten class.  How many members of the MCHS Class of 1960 can you recognize? (photo by Barbara Lewis Borak)

Pam Schillinger Gaskell (left) and Barbara Pennington Harris (photo by Barbara Lewis Borak)

Carlene Fisk Mobley (photo by Karen Richards Rambeau)

You saw it here first:  Ken Allen has gone digital!

Did Jim McCaverty really drink all of this???

Dave Behr and Kathy Taylor Graham.
Marianne Davis Moody and Sharon Archuletta Mansfield

Is it even legal to look this good at a 45th reunion--or a 50th?  Barbara Lewis Borak and Harry Borak had just returned from his 50th high school reunion in New Prague, Minnesota.
Nancy Vening Cypert and Gil Archuletta ('57, president of the MCHS Alumni Association and former Manhattan Beach mayor) share a laugh...

Wayne Overbeck and Norma Rockman

Laura Sewall and Karen Richards Rambeau

Carlene Fisk Mobley, Vince Onofrio, Linda Reardon Neal (in background)  and Noel Sewall

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