Saturday afternoon activities...

Here's a sampling from the walking tour of downtown Manhattan Beach and other Saturday activities.  (If you have photos of the tour, please send them!)

All weekend there were sightings of MCHS'60 alumni and their families at the Embassy Suites.  Karen Richards Rambeau photographed (from left) Don Weber, Vicki Kaiser Weber, Nancy Vening Cypert, Jim Emmett and JoAnn Haworth Emmett.

During the downtown tour, a local resident named Jim McCaverty spotted the group and parked illegally at the foot of the pier to say hello.  It's funny how he always seems to show up where the action is...  (photo by Barbara Lewis Borak)

This is Ercole's, the semi-official MCHS '60 gathering place in downtown Manhattan Beach.  A group stopped there after the walking tour.  (photo by Barbara Lewis Borak).

Marianne Davis Moody and Alicia Fuller Forsey both traveled a long way for this visit to Ercole's.  It would be tough for them to qualify as regulars.  (photo by Barbara Lewis Borak)

As afternoon turned into evening, Karen Richards Rambeau (left), Nancy Vening Cypert and Gretchen Anderson Marchmann were ready for the earliest arrivals at the registration desk.

Karen Richards Rambeau and Priscilla Gibbons Haase have been friends since kindergarten.  This photo was taken 57 years later...

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