Saturday night dinner photo gallery

Here's a sampling of photos by several photographers.  If there's no credit line, the photo was taken by Wayne Overbeck.

In the lobby, Barbara Lewis Borak got these six guys to pose.  From left, they are Gary Troxel, Sam Lamarr Maus, Bob Becker, Jerry Nickel, Steve Thompson and Bob Campbell.

Carmen Daugherty McAtee and Michael McAtee

Kathy Taylor Graham


Linda Meador and Bob Becker

Peggy Stone Bodmer and Ken Elling


Ken and Kathy Allen

Dr. Barbara Barry Smith and Tony Smith, esq.

Barbara Pennington Harris and Carmen Daugherty McAtee

Vicki Kaiser Weber and Diane Denholm Amendola


Patricia and Boyd Garriott

Sherry Batchelor VanHoy and Charlene Mundorf Dolim


Carlene Fisk Mobley (who was asked to smile)

Barbara Lewis Borak and Harry Borak


Michael Carden and Roni Carden

Jeannette and Ken Sigafoos


Laura and Noel Sewall

Carolyn Isgreen Brewer


Jerry Stubbs and Shirley Jenkins Stubbs

Mary Holmes ("Can we drop the 'Alice'?")

Carolyn Strong White 

Patty Conway Koch and Lowell Koch


Rich Fernandez and Sue Bergesen

Steve and Melinda Thompson


Here's a switch:  Dave King, who owns a winery, talks with Dr. Alicia Fuller Forsey, who actually has wine...

Sam Lamarr Maus and Kathie Maus 


Mary Holmes, Barbara Humphrey Boughton and Barbara Pennington Harris

George Gaskell and Pam Schillinger Gaskell


Seth Broche and Rebecca (JoAnn) Gilbert Broche

Christie Smith Goodwin and Lance Goodwin


Judy and Joe Dezso

Richard and Sue Redfield


Tim and Lesley Bradley

Nancy Vening Cypert and Vince Onofrio


Linda Reardon Neal and Mike Wimberly

Dave Behr

Linda Reardon Neal begins an awards presentation...

Sharon Archuletta Mansfield was the emcee...

The Reunion Committee thanked Karen Richards Rambeau for all of her efforts with flowers and a red Mustang, as everyone applauded.  Ken Allen (not shown here) and Linda Reardon Neal (at left) helped with the presentation.

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