Saturday night dance photos

Here's a sampling of photos by several photographers.  If there's no credit line, the photo was taken by Wayne Overbeck.

Janet Nollan Elling and Ken Elling, who connected at the 30th reunion and were later married (photo by Karen Richards Rambeau)

 Darlene and John Goodwin (photo by Karen Richards Rambeau)

We'd have a sea of names if we identified everyone visible in these dance floor panoramas, but we need to make an exception here because you'd never guess.  That's Jim O'Bosky in the foreground dancing with Barbara Lewis Borak.

Tony Smith and Barbara Barry Smith

Rebecca (JoAnn) Gilbert Broche, Seth Broche, Linda Reardon Neal and Mike Wimberly

Bill Marchmann, Gretchen Anderson Marchmann, Steve Thompson and Melinda Thompson

Priscilla Gibbons Haase and Wayne Overbeck (photo by Karen Richards Rambeau)

Noel Sewall, Laura Sewall and Jim McCaverty


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