The reunion:  still more photos

These photos were taken during various events at the All-Class Reunion, including the main event on campus at Mira Costa, the Friday evening gathering at Ercole's, the Class of '60 dinner at Manhattan Bar and Grill and the post-dinner gathering at Jim McCaverty's home.

The MCHS Drill Team performed for thousands of alumni in Waller Stadium.


Linda Reardon Neal and her life partner, Mike Wimberley, 
joined the group for dinner at Manhattan Bar and Grill.


Erik Gerhardt got a private serenade 
from the singer at the Manhattan Bar and Grill.
Pam Schillinger Gaskell and Jim McCaverty (above) shared a laugh at dinner.  A day earlier, Wally Milligan (left) enjoyed good company at Ercole's. 

Ken Elling and Janet Nollan Elling, who reconnected at the 30th reunion and were
later married, joined Peggy Stone Bodmer and Barbara Delacourt South for dinner.

Pam Schillinger Gaskell, Diana Jaeger Martin, Sharon Archuletta-Gonzales
and Karen Richards Rambeau got together at Jim McCaverty's home.

Peggy Stone and
Pam Schillinger Gaskell

Carmen Daugherty and Tim Bradley
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