MCHS Class of 1960 - 58th Mini-reunion

These are photos from the 58th Mini-reunion, hosted by Darlene Goodwin on Sept. 22, 2018  It was a pleasure to once again visit the home where she and John Goodwin hosted so many Class of 1960 events before John's untimely passing.  Please send more photos.

Darlene Goodwin again hosted the Class of 1960 at her ocean-view home in Hermosa Beach.  In this--and many of the other photos--John Goodwin's wood craftsmanship is evident in the house.  At left are Kathy and Ken Allen. Susan Collins is in the background. 

Karen (Aabel) and Dave Vogl flew out from Rhode Island for the reunion.  Dave pointed out that he and Karen have been a couple for 62 years (since eighth grade).  When someone asked how they feel about each other after 62 years, the photo below shows the result...

From left,  Greg Holberg and Arvin and Susan Collins.

Becky (Brock) and Richard Maynard

Norah (aka Norma) Rockman


Penny Wakeland Noble (MCHS '63)

Wayne Overbeck (as time goes by...)

Darlene Goodwin takes time out from hostessing to take pictures...

Dennis Ross traveled from his home near 
Brookings, Oregon to find this cap in a South Bay 
surf shop.  He brought greetings from his wife Sharon 
(Windsor) Ross (also MCHS '60).

Here's Ken Allen in a pensive mood...

This is Dave Behr, with Maggie Smith in the background.


A smile in the sunlight:  Priscilla Gibbons Haase

Karen Richards Rambeau makes name tags...


Darlene Goodwin brings out still more food...

From left:  Linda Reardon Neal, Rebecca (aka JoAnn) Gilbert Broche and Maggie Smith

From left:  Maggie Smith, Diane Denholm Amendola (partially hidden), Becky Brock Maynard and Barbara Rycroft Colee

Ken and Kathy Allen

Greg Holberg and Ken Allen


More photos, thanks to Arvin Collins

A group gathers in and near the kitchen...

Richard Maynard, Wayne Overbeck and Penny Wakeland Noble

No caption needed (just check the badges)

Again, if you're not sure of the names, check the badges...

Karen Aabel Vogl and Darlene Goodwin

Two kitchen scenes above and below...

Brad Stevenson and Rebecca Gilbert Broche

Still more photos, thanks to Priscilla Gibbons Haase

Becky Brock Maynard and Richard Maynard

Karen Aabel Vogl, Becky Brock Maynard and Rebecca Joann Gilbert Broche

Becky Brock Maynard, Sharon Archuleta Mansfield and Nanci Corcoran Kelly

Linda Reardon Neal

Penny Wakeland Noble, Rebecca Joann Gilbert Broche and Brad Stevenson

Rebecca and Linda again...

Dave Vogl, flowers and food...

Rebecca (Joann) Gilbert Broche and Greg Holberg

Arvin Collins and Karen Richards Rambeau

Roger (Mike) Rambeau


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