Photographic memorabilia from long ago

Here are a few photos from long ago (send us more).  A new photo was added in January, 2014.

Karen Aabel Vogl sent this vintage photo of (from left) Susan Krier, Charlene Mundorf and Janet Farrand standing behind Charlene's car, a Morris (!). 

 Remember these ribbons?

At the Junior-Senior Prom:  Jim McEntyre and Gretchen Guethlein, May 16, 1959

In the Army:  Jim McCaverty and Dave McElhaney served in the same unit in Germany in 1961.

Lampooning a World War II icon:  Five Mira Costa seniors do a take-off on the famous Iwo Jima flag-raising photograph beside the Music Building in 1959 (from left:  George Fraga, Wayne Overbeck, Frank Peterson, Alan Jimenez and Erik Gerhardt).

Friends and pilots for 40+ years...

Here's Joe Dezso (left) and Bill Glod in the cockpit of a then-new Boeing 707 in a 1959 photograph taken in the American Airlines hangar at LAX.  Both went on to long careers in aviation:  Joe is the primary designer of the Robinson R-22 helicopter, and Bill retired as a 777 captain for American. 

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