Photographic memorabilia from long ago

Here are a few photos from long ago (send us more).


Jim McEntyre found his copy of the program for the 1956 Center School eighth grad graduation more than 60 years later.  It has many, many familiar names.  The full program is here:


Karen Aabel Vogl sent this vintage photo of (from left) Susan Krier, Charlene Mundorf and Janet Farrand standing behind Charlene's car, a Morris (!). 

 Remember these ribbons?

At the Junior-Senior Prom:  Jim McEntyre and Gretchen Guethlein, May 16, 1959

In the Army:  Jim McCaverty and Dave McElhaney served in the same unit in Germany in 1961.

Lampooning a World War II icon:  Five Mira Costa seniors do a take-off on the famous Iwo Jima flag-raising photograph beside the Music Building in 1959 (from left:  George Fraga, Wayne Overbeck, Frank Peterson, Alan Jimenez and Erik Gerhardt).

Friends and pilots for 40+ years...

Here's Joe Dezso (left) and Bill Glod in the cockpit of a then-new Boeing 707 in a 1959 photograph taken in the American Airlines hangar at LAX.  Both went on to long careers in aviation:  Joe is the primary designer of the Robinson R-22 helicopter, and Bill retired as a 777 captain for American. 

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