MCHS '60 - 35th reunion photos

(These were taken in July, 1995.)

At left:  Cathy Camp McMillan, Sharon Archuletta-Gonzales, Priscilla Gibbons Haase, Shirley Hall Conn, Marianne Davis Moody.  At right:  John Goodwin.

At left:  Bob Becker, Bob Stichter, Jim McCaverty.  At right:  Carmen Daugherty Medina and Tim Bradley.

At left:  Bob Wildenberg, Mike Weaver and Arvin Collins.  At right:  Karen Aabel Vogl and Charlene Mundorf Dolim.

At left:  Gretchen Guethlein and Jim McEntyre.  At right:  Barbara Pennington Harris and Linda Reardon Neal.


At left:  Janet Farrand, Tim McClure and Barbara Lewis Borak.  At right:  Wayne Stith and Buzz Barker.


At left:  Gary Troxel, Anton Gottsdanker and Corky Hart.  At right:  Priscilla Gibbons Haase, Karen Richards Rambeau and Carolyn Strong White.

The people in the two rows above:  Erik Gerhardt and Ray Linton (top left), Sharon Archuletta-Gonzales and Priscilla Gibbons Haase (top right), Ken and Janet Nollan Elling (lower left), Dave Behr and Cathy Camp McMillan (lower right).
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