Views of the Mustang neighborhood...

Photographic images of people and places
with connections to the Mira Costa Class of 1960
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This is the view of the ocean and the Palos Verdes Peninsula from Jim McCaverty's new home on 15th Street in Manhattan Beach.  This photo was taken from the third floor balcony in May, 2004.

Still surfin' after all these years...  Yep, that's Bob Leinau at Tavarua in Fiji, in a photo taken in June, 1999--about 40 years after he first made surfing his passion.

Back home in Waimea, Bob Leinau appears as "Planta Claus" at a Waimea Arboretum Foundation fund-raiser plant sale during a Christmas parade.  He says the live beard is known on the mainland as Spanish moss.  "It's tasteless but not itchless," he says. 

This is Christie Smith Goodwin's family, in a photo taken just before the Class of 1960's 40th reunion.  From left:  son-in-law Ray with Zane, daughter Terri with Reece, Lance and Christie, son Rob and daughter-in-law Vicki.

At left, Diane Denholm Amendola enjoys her grandchildren (from left): Valerie, Calvin and Gregory.  In the photo above, she's with "Polly."  When her work permits it, she enjoys various aspects of the sport of dogs such as "Earthdog," tracking, agility and obedience.

Anitra Weinstein Ford (left) and her daughter Erin (above) are shown in photos taken July 9, 1999 at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica.  Anitra is a published poet and her artwork has been exhibited in several Santa Barbara galleries.

Here's Nina Nebe Mentges enjoying her "favorite summer pastime."
We've seen him at reunions for years. This is Dave Vogl (husband of Karen Aabel Vogl) in HIS world:  the cockpit of a 747 at 37,000 feet, halfway home from Tokyo.

Marianne Neff-Daniels, her daughter Marina and her son Matthew were caught on a windy bluff overlooking Solana Beach in January, 2000.  Both of her kids inherited the "Mediterranean sun gene," Marianne says.

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