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We've received so many photos of Class of '60 members
and their families that we added still another page.
Keep sending us pictures!

Phyllis Stone Dolan (standing, left) flew in from Lahaina, HI, and was joined by Cheryl Masters Conner of Beaver, PA (center) and Diane Dye Connolly (right) to celebrate her mother Lorena's 93rd birthday.  Phyllis' sister is seated at left. 

Roger Anderson sent this photo in 2005.  The restored 1946 Aeronca Chief is his, as is the barbeque grill that seems to be his first priority.  Roger, why aren't you flying

Ted Laun sent this photo, taken at an office Christmas "party" at a ranch  in 2004

A visit with Don and Kathy Roland...

In this October, 2003 photo, Kathy and Don Roland stand by their bayfront home in Annapolis, MD.

This is Chesapeake Bay as it appears from the Rolands' home in Annapolis.  At right is the U.S. Naval Academy.  In the foreground is Don's private dock.

This photo shows Don and Kathy's home as it appears on an autumn day from the bridge seen in the photo above.

Jim Reeves and his longtime friend, Carol "Cigi" Gerard, were married on May 5, 2003 at Justin Winery and B&B near Paso Robles.  They live in North Tustin.

SANTA WHO? -- The only hint we can give is that this Santa is a member of the Class of 1960.  Can you guess his/her identity?  Santa promises the reward of a nice dinner to the first person who contacts the Reunion Committee with the correct answer.

Catherine Camp McMillan and her grandson, Oliver, enjoy a day at the beach in La Jolla in summer, 2003.

A Mustang sendoff almost 40 years ago -- A group from the Class of 1960 gathered in April, 1964 to send off Judi Broberg and Lynn Richardson on a three-month trip to Europe.  They are (standing, from left) Marianne Davis, Lynn Richardson, Carolyn Isgreen, Judi Broberg, Judy Burrows, Karen Richards and Lynne Treman.  Seated (from left) are Dottie Savoie, Sharon Archuletta and Priscilla Gibbons.  Um, the "French bikini" briefs are a cute touch, but was it customary to wear them outside back then???

Judi and Lynn appear to be ready to fly away in this photo...

Here's Renzo Ferraris, the MCHS foreign exchange student from Italy.  After he found us on the Internet (we had him listed as "missing") several MCHS '60 people began e-mailing him.  He sent the photo of himself in Barcelona, Spain (above) and the one of his family (below) to Diane Denholm Amendola.  The family includes (from left): Renzo, Francesco (son, holding dog, Penny), Frederico (son), Renzo's wife Marina, and Giovanna (Frederico's girlfrfiend).  For a 2013 photo of Renzo, see Mustang Neighborhood, page five.

This is Carol Rawle, who retired as a California State Park Ranger and moved to a 36-acre hideaway in the Colorado Rockies, six miles up a dirt road from her mail box!  She only recently got telephone service and was able to get online.  And yes, she loves the wilderness.  When she's snowbound in the winter, she reads avidly.

In this Christmas, 1999 portrait, Patty Gray Robinson (left) poses with her family.  Behind Patty is her husband, Austin Robinson.  To their right are their daughter Kathy, her son, Kenny, and daughter, Katy (front row).  To Kenny's right are Patty's son Joe and his wife Sharri with their daughter Mandy (second row) and son Kevin (front row).  In front of Patty are her parents, Joe and Alice Gray.

Here's Nancie Dean Carlstrom (second from left) with her husband Don, their son Ryan and Ryan's significant other, Melissa.  Don and Nancie live in Western Pennsylvania.  Since Ryan and Melissa moved to Boston, "the times we can be together are very special to all of us," Nancie says.

 The MCHS '60 fishing derby...

Mike Clute (above) and friend...  (Did he really catch a fish THAT big, or is he good at digital photo editing???  Could he even LIFT a fish that big so effortlessly?)

Not wanting to be outdone, Bob Vigil sent us some of HIS fish photos, including this one.  Bob, your fish doesn't look as big as Mike's.  Is yours real?  Is Mike's?

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