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In 2012 this page was added to showcase new pictures sent by members of the Class of 1960.  The most recent photos appear on top.  Still another "Mustang Neighborhood" page, the sixth, was added in 2014.  Please keep sending photos.


In the top photo, Bob Leinau appears as Hawaii's North Shore Santa, while his wife Gladness looks up admiringly.  In the lower photo, Bob's brother, Steve Leinau (left), poses with their mother, Ruth (age 96), and Bob.  Bob sent these photos but offered no explanation of why Ruth is wearing headphones.  Perhaps they're "noise cancelling" headphones and she doesn't want to listen to her sons???

Here's a 2013 photo of Ken and Jeannie Sigafoos.  They have moved to Surprise, Arizona and sent along news of their latest activities (see News of the Class of 1960).

Over a bottle of S. Pellegrino sparkling water, former American Field Service (AFS) Exchange Students Lucien Vallet of Switzerland (left) and Renzo Ferraris of Italy met up for the first time in 53 years in Renzo's home town of Genoa on 11 November 2013.  Renzo was at Mira Costa in 1959-60, while Lucien spent that year at Aviation High, hosted by Bob Terhune's family.  Bob, who attended Mira Costa in 1956-57 and graduated from Aviation High in 1960, facilitated this reunion and took this photo.  The Sharing page has a very interesting message from Bob describing how this all came about. Now there's a new page on this website with messages received from Renzo and Cindy Dowling Harvey in June, 2014.

Roger Anderson sent these photos in 2013.  A friend shot them as Roger took off from a grass airstrip in his vintage 1946 Aeronca Chief, the airplane he's been flying for years now.  In the photo above, the tail wheel is just off the ground.  To see what happens next, check out the photos below...

Roger also sent a link to a video that he shot as he circled the Bonnaroo music festival in Tennessee.  Like Joe Deszo, who sent some aviation photos earlier (see below), Roger has been flying ever since his days at Mira Costa.  In fact Joe's father, who was a certified flight instructor, did Roger's initial flight training and signed him off for his first solo.  Are these guys having fun in retirement or what? 

A group of MCHS 1960 members got together for dinner in Redondo Beach in December of 2012.  They included (from left) Sandy Yerger D'Smet, Nancy Vening Cypert, Priscilla Gibbons Haase and Diane Denholm Amendola.

Starting from the other end of the table, here are (from left) Tony Colee, Nancy Vening Cypert, Priscilla Gibbons Haase, Karen Richards Rambeau, Sandy Yerger D'Smet and Jim McCaverty. 

Bob Leinau and Diane Denholm Amendola got together for lunch during Diane's 2012 Hawaiian vacation.

Joe Deszo, who first flew when he was a student at Mira Costa and went on to a long career in aviation, is flying as a private pilot again.  Above:  a 2012 photo of Joe in the pilot's seat of his Cessna 172SP, which he loves for its power and performance (180 HP compared to 145 HP in his 1960s plane).  Below:  an aerial photo Joe took of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant near San Luis Obispo.

Jeri Connell Hopkins sent this photo of a "lenticular" cloud and Mt. Shasta, near where she and her husband now live.  Such clouds--noted for appearing alone in otherwise-clear skies--inspired native American legends.

(Above) This is the view looking toward Yosemite National Park from the 
deck at Jim and Sammie (Chapman) Baker's home on 20 acres in Mariposa. 
(Below)  Jim and Sammie in 2009.


Barbara Lewis Borak and her husband Harry went to the 2012 Kentucky Derby.  Barbara couldn't resist posing for this picture.

Barbara Lewis Borak also sent this photo of five of her 14 grandchildren...

...And this one of Harry and more grandchildren.
Then there's this photo of Barbara's grandson Dylan, 18, just after he earned a new paint job for his car by doing yard work for his grandmother.  Are cars more important to kids in 2012 than they were 52 years ago?

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