News of the Class of 1960 

Note: Some of these items were submitted years ago.  The policy has been to leave in place the most recent news from everyone who ever sent a news item, even in a few cases where the person has since passed away.  Revision dates are shown for many news items.  If there is no revision date on a news item, it was probably added to this page prior to 2002.  Most recent additions to the news (in order received, most recent first):  Betsy Mac Donnell Mora, Alicia Fuller Forsey, Vicki Bliss, Barbara Meyers Searcy Kellogg, Pamela Sanborn Crause, Linda Reardon Neal, Howard Snyder, Phyllis Stone Dolan, Jean Strong Carroll, Michael Weaver, Dennis and Sharon Windsor Ross, Becky Brock Maynard, Bill Weaver, Renzo Ferraris, Stan Yetter, Linda Leon Zeiler, Sharon Archuletta Mansfield, Barbara Humphrey Boughton, Karen Aabel Vogl, Nancy Vening Cypert, Carolyn Strong White, Gretchen Guethlein Gunderson, Sandra Brennan Baggley, Edna Marie Stewart Wright, Barbara Lewis Borak, Jim and JoAnn Haworth Emmett, Nina Nebe Mentges, Janeane (Jan) Hendrick Moody, Richard Saum, Don Roland, Mickey Dunson Thienes, Bob Wildenberg, Darla Sowers Calhoun, Marianne Neff Daniels, Barbara Rycroft Colee, Roger Anderson, Jack Mike Clute, Bob Leinau, Ken Sigafoos, Renzo Ferraris, Bob Terhune, Judy Martin Pattee, Joe Dezso, Jim and Sammie (Chapman) Baker, Jeri Connell Hopkins, Barbara Lewis Borak, John Winter, Vicki Bliss, Wayne Overbeck and Stephania Janovec Potter

Karen Aabel Vogl sent this news in 2021:  "Well, I�m trying to learn how to live as a single person, after 57 years of a wonderful marriage.  My husband, David, died in December 2019 after a heroic battle with stage 4 lymphoma, which lasted for five years.  We had a great time in our 64 years of �dating�, producing three great children, ten grandchildren and thee great-grandchildren.  We lived in 25 different places, ending up in Northern California (Santa Rosa) in 2018 (a retirement community).  Degrees; A.A and B.S (History)  Jobs; Dental Assistant, Librarian, full time Mom." 

Earlier, Karen sent a series of messages that are quoted here:  Karen and her husband David have returned to California.  Here's Karen's latest:  "well, we're finally back in California, and it only took 25 moves to do it! After nine years, the winters finally got the best of our old bones in Rhode Island and we have landed in Santa Rosa, in the northern half of the state. We're in a retirement community in the middle of "wine country", so it's a good move. David and I were sad to leave our two sons and five grandchildren, but our daughter, five grandchildren and two great grandchildren are here, so life is good. We're both looking forward to seeing everyone at the 2020 reunion!" (rev. 7/21/2019)

Sadly, there's more news.  David passed on Dec. 11, 2019.  Here's the obituary written by their son, Mike Vogl:

David James Vogl, born in Battle Creek, Michigan on January 23, 1942, passed away surrounded by family on Wednesday December 11, 2019 in Santa Rosa, California at 77 years old, surrounded by family. He bravely fought T-cell lymphoma for 5 years before succumbing to the cancer most likely from Agent Orange in Vietnam. 

David graduated from Cal State College LA in Criminal Justice while working as a Deputy Sheriff for Los Angeles County. He continued in his father's military tradition and joined the Air Force in 1965, earning his pilot wings in 1966. In 1969, then Captain Vogl, deployed to Korat AB, Thailand for the Vietnam War in the F-4C fighter jet. He volunteered for the dangerous job of a Fast FAC (Forward Air Controller), earning several distinguished flying awards. In just 11 months of combat, he flew over 125 missions for 496 total combat hours.  His aircraft was shot multiple times, but he never lost an airplane. 

David continued his Air Force career flying the F-16 and F-111.  He retired as a Colonel in 1992 at Maxwell Air Force Base, AL as the 3800th Air Base Wing Commander. He then flew for United Airlines for 10 years until his retirement in January 2002.  At United, he flew the B-727, B-737, and finished in the B-747 flying Internationally over the Pacific Ocean. 

Throughout all of his flying career, he said he never worked a day, as it was all pleasure. He said many times that he never could believe that they actually paid him to fly, if they had only known that he would have done it for free. David obtained three Masters degrees, self-taught flamenco and classical guitarist, author and brewmeister, cyclist, multiple marathon runner, web designer, and entrepreneur. He lettered in wrestling, football and pole vaulting each year in four separate High Schools. He loved life, people, football, a good scotch and cigar, parties with friends, and especially family.

David is survived by his wife, Karen. They met in the 8th grade in California and have been together ever since, including a full 56 years of marriage. He was the oldest child of Oscar James Vogl and Fannie Ellen (Hogg) Vogl who are both deceased. He has three siblings, Richard (Marcia), Doug, and Nancy (Laurie). David and Karen have three children Robert (Susan), Jeanne (Randy), and Michael (Stacey), as well as a total of ten grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. 

David will have a military service in the Springtime. Dates and location to be named later.  (rev. 12/21/19)

Carole Allen Beddingfield has lived in Spring City, Tennessee since 1984.  She and her husband Ken are both retired.  They have three kids, one boy and two girls:  Mike, 44, Lisa, 42 and Lainu, 39.  They have nine grand children, ages 20 to 8.  She retired from a panty hose factory were she  worked as an inspector "and other odd jobs."  Ken retired from Tennessee Valley Nuclear Plant as head truck driver.  They live about five miles from Watts Bar Nuclear Plant.  Spring City is between Chattanooga & Knoxville, close to a large lake. (rev. 4/09)

Mary Amo Graf sends this news:  "Steve and I celebrated our 46th year of marriage May 12, 2008.  We are in the process of adding on to our son's house, then we will sell our house and retire to travel and use Mike's house as home base."  In 2009, she wrote to say, "Steve (�58) and I just finished a Be Well Class at Hawthorne Senior Center.  It is a six week class for seniors and baby boomers on health and fitness.  This class was 10th of many more to be done at senior centers.  I recommend this class.  I am still keeping the books for Steve�s business when I am not at the Senior Center knitting or sewing quilts for babies in the local hospitals." (rev. 4/09)

Roger Anderson lives in Tennessee and retired in January '02 as a manager in the Federal Aviation Administration after 34 years as an air traffic controller at the nation's busiest airports, including O'Hare in Chicago.  Now he's catching up with long-deferred projects, flying in his 1946 Aeronca Chief and motorcycling a lot.  He and his wife Delphia make frequent trips around the country and have become "addicted" to cruises after going on about 10 of them.  They have two daughters, Paige and Elizabeth.  Elizabeth, the English Department chair at  a Chattanooga (TN) high school, was recently named county-wide teacher of the year--and completed her Ph.D. the same week.  Roger recently posted a video on Youtube showing the Bonnaroo music festival, the largest of its kind, as seen from the air as he circled the festival.  Also, Roger was recently interviewed for a television documentary about a 1971 mid-air collision between a military jet and an airliner in which the military jet failed to appear on the air traffic control radar, leaving Roger and other controllers unable to prevent the collision.  The program included about two minutes of Roger's 80-minute interview, interspersed throughout the 43-minute video, which is now on Youtube.  For a longer message from Roger, go to the Sharing page on this website. (rev. 1/5/14)

Sandy Anderson Sarver writes that her husband Mike is still busy in real estate and is building a condo project (a dream of his).  Sandy is busy with family--and Mike.  They have seven kids between them, plus 17 grandchildren and two great grandchildren.  Sandy is doing genealogy field trips.  (rev. 7/25/05)

Sharon Archuletta-Mansfield sent this news in 2021:  "Semi-retired.  Still doing some legal work and my Surf Art business.  Downsized to an over 55 community in August 2019, and love it.  Nice condo across from the golf course.  Same area � just a few blocks from previous home.  Survived COVID � barely � and counting my blessings.  They are many!  Peace and love to all my childhood friends!!!" 

Earlier, Sharon sent this news:  "Beecoming a Class of �60 Reunion Committee member has been very enjoyable and rewarding.  The nostalgic visits to Manhattan Beach are further enhanced by spending time with my brother, Gil (�57), where I usually spend the night,  and a visit with my mom who is now 93 years old.  She even remembers and asks about certain of my high school friends.  I think her memory is better than mine!  Most of my friends think I�m retired, but it�s just that I have a very flexible schedule as my own boss.  I�m still doing legal/medical work with class action claims for breast implant recipients.  I also continue to work on my own and with my sister and her husband in the surfing industry.  Totally fun!�  Her daughter is a youth pastor in Tigard, Oregon, but plans to return to So. Calif. very soon.  "Yea!"  Her son, a civil engineer, and his wife, just moved into a new home in San Carlos (just south of San Francisco) where she recently visited and helped them paint.  She has triplet great nephews in La Costa who have been a huge part of her life since they were born 7 years ago.  �I continue to love North County San Diego and welcome classmate visitors.  Just give me a call or email for a drop-by visit or overnight?  By they way, I do love �doing lunch�.� (rev. 10/28/08)

Jim Baker and his wife, Sammie Chapman Baker, sent an item for the sharing page in May, 2012 along with two photos that are posted in "Mustang Neighborhood, page 5".

Althea Ballou Loeb still lives in her grandmother's house near downtown Manhattan Beach--she can see the pier, watch the clouds over the ocean and hear the surf!  She and her husband both work for the L.A. County Assessor.  The last of their kids ("his 2, my 2, our 2") is still at MCHS.  She has two more years as a "sports mom" and goes to the desert (they have "cabins" in Landers).  Retirement?  2005 or later, she says. 

Carolyn Barbre returned to California after 26 years back East, 10 in New York City and 16 in the D.C. area.  She lived in Hermosa Beach and got involved in some civic issues. However, after a few years, the breathtaking price of real estate drove her inland to the community of Springville in the Southern Sierras. Occupation-wise, she went from ski-bum to national photographer to commercial writer to journalist and is now City Arts Coordinator for the City of Lindsay (known for Lindsay Olives) in the San Joaquin Valley. One son lives in Portland, Ore. and the other in Brooklyn, N.Y. (rev. 11/15/08)

Barbara Barry Smith says "life is good."  After 30 years in education, she retired twice, first as superintendent of San Rafael City Schools and again recently from providing alternate resolution services to Capistrano Unified School Disttrict.  She and her husband Tony have been married 47 years.  Like Tony , their son Scott and his wife Lisbeth are attorneys.  "Family dinners can be full of debate," she says.  "After a long wait," they have two grandchildren:  Teddy (age 6) and Abby (age 3).  Not wanting to be completely retired, they remodeled their home and created an office where Tony maintains a small law practice.  Barbara has opened a consulting business that "keeps me busier than I intended."  Tony's passion continues to be spearfishing and underwater photography. They have traveled to Mexico, New Zealand, the Seychelles Islands and the Coral Sea to play in the warm, clear water and are planning a "lifetime dream" trip to Africa.(rev. 7/25/10)

Bob Becker writes that he is now retired and still lives in Long Beach.  He has one grandson with another on the way.  He looks forward to seeing everyone and catching up. (rev. 8/10/05)

Murray Bishop and his wife Ann live in the Bay Area.  He has become a "bad boy biker dude" (check out the photo on the Mustang Neighborhood, page four).  To learn more about his life, which certainly doesn't sound boring, check out his item on the  Sharing page of this website. (rev. 10/31/08)

Vicki Bliss sent this note in 2021:  "Real recently, I, and I alone, completely weeded my front yard, resurrected my fountain, put down mulch of various types, and now hope that in a couple of years I might plant something that wont compete with the worst 'weed factory' in San Pedro my front yard!  Next project thorough cleaning of the patio and pond.  Once that is done, I hope I am not too late to get knee replacement surgery.  These knees are kaput!"  Eqarlier, she wrote that she retired from UPS after working in imports/exports there.

Julian Bow was married in 1970 and has  two sons, Justin 30, who lives in New York City, and Jeremy, 26, who lives in Tucson.  He has worked for Garrett AiResearch/Honeywell for 37 years.  He and his wife have lived in Tucson for 24 years.  (rev. 4/09)

Tim Bradley and his wife, Lesley, live in Star Valley, Arizona, a small town they helped to incorporate.  During the 2008 presidential race, Tim worked hard for the McCain campaign--while Lesley was working for the Obama campaign.  But Tim says "we don't fight as much as used to when we worked together in California."  They have become "favorite fans" of country and western singer Amy Scruggs.  There are photos of them and Carmen Daugherty on Amy's website.  Tim is proud of his new Dodge Quad Cab four-wheel-drive truck.  "...After 35 years I finally saved enough beer cans to buy my second brand new Dodge truck," he says.  He and Lesley sometimes travel to California and welcome visitors at his "bunkhouse."  (rev. 10/30/08) 

Sandy Brennan Baggley wrote in 2021 to say "Sorry I can't make the reunion.  My daughter and I have a trip planned to Portugal in September (God willing and the creek don't rise)!  Earlier she sent this news:  She lives in Berea, Ohio.  Her job as a  dispatcher for Commute Air/Continental Connection moved to Cleveland in July 2008.  "I still enjoy my job, so I have moved with the job and am getting familiar with the Cleveland area, and my new townhouse," she wrote. (rev. 4/09)

Judi Broberg Pasco and her husband of 37 years live in Hawaii.  She has contributed a new item to the Sharing page of this website. (rev. 5/30/05)

Becky Brock Maynard sent this note in 2021.  "Retired 18 years now.  Wow!  Richard and I celebrated 54 years of marriage this year.  Four great sons.  Nine great grands 5 yr to 22 yrs of age.  Love beach living; fortunate to still live here.  Traveled B.C. (before COVID).  Look forward to cruising again."  There is a more detailed summary of Becky's activities as of 2005 on the Sharing page of this website.  (rev. 8/10/05)

Judy Burrows DaPron lives in Hinsdale, New Hampshire.  She has been in New England since 2004 after five years in Cape May, New Jersey.  Her middle son and wife had a baby girl in 2001--Judy's only grandchild (and "she looks like me," Judy says).  Judy decided to rent a place on hour east of their home in Dorset, Vermont.  "Close but not too close," she says.  She  loves exploring the North East--a recent trip to the museum in Portland, Maine to see a Georgia O'Keefe exhibit was a highlight.  She volunteers at a local art museum one day a week and that has stimulated her to some artistic endeavors.  Judy adds, "You have probably heard the wacky slogan 'Live Free or Die' and that describes a large population of old hippies 'not so much new age as caught in a 60s mentality.'  I feel right at home.  See you all in 2010." (rev. 4/09)

Cathie Camp McMillan lives in Palm Springs and is director of government and special projects at the Coachella Valley Association of Governments.  She has four children and seven grandchildren.  She and her son Chris, a Beverly Hills hairdresser whose celebrity clients include Jennifer Anniston, were featured in a full-page photo in the New York Times Magazine on May 8, 2005. (rev. 5/9/05)

Bob Campbell has contributed a new item to the Sharing page of this website, telling of his activities as of mid-2009.. (rev. 8/17/09)

Anne Carr Lewis lives in Norfolk, VA and would love to hear from former classmates.  She has room for guests, she says.  She has two children:  Laura, 37, who lives in Gloucester, MA; and Andrew, 33, who is the senior network engineer at Coastal Training Technologies (where Anne also works).  Laura married Michael Trainor of Boston in April, 2004.  Andrew married Lisa (now Meer-Lewis) in August, 2004.  Both weddings were in Massachusetts.  She adds:  "You want your children to be successful and on their own.  Both are and both are married to partners I love."   (rev. 10/31/08)

Allan Castle has been married to Marcedus for 38 years.  They have three sons and three grandchildren (two girls and a boy).  He is retired from the Air Force and the faculty of the University of Texas Health Center in San Antonio and owns Castle Dental Laboratory in Boerne, Texas.  He enjoys travel and golf.  (rev. 7/17/03)

Sammie Chapman Baker and her husband Jim Baker sent an item for the sharing page in May, 2012 along with two photos that are posted in "Mustang Neighborhood, page 5".

Jon E. Clemons and his wife Shirley operate an orphanage on the Island of Negros in the Philippines.  Jon has been an ordained minister for 29 years and founded another orphanage in the Philippines in 1976.  He returned to the states in 1988 and pastored a church in Florida before returning to the Philippines in 1999 and founding the "Manna House" orphanage.  Jon and Shirley have seven children, including two adopted Filipino boys.  All are now adults; five are in the military.  Their daughter Heather is on the Manna House staff.

Jack Mike Clute is officially retired.  As proof, he says he bought a used RV--and promptly replaced all the "Good Sam" stickers with those of the Grateful Dead!!!  He and Susan, his wife of 40+ years, have three grown daughters and four grandkids.  They have raised sheep, chickens, turkeys, goats, a milk cow, a steer, rabbits, cats, dogs, ticks and fleas(!) plus "assorted kids that have strayed into our compound."  He recovered from a major heart bypass surgery several years ago, then was diagnosed with esophageal cancer.  He writes, "and yes, I did beat that too.  Must be that tough cookie I live with...."  He also contributed an item to the Sharing page of this website.  (rev. 1/5/14)

Jeri Connell Hopkins has now retired--twice.  After many years as a professor at Humboldt State University, she administered  a program in the California Governor's Office.  She also directed a teacher-training program at four California State University campuses.  She retired from state service and then offered to volunteer at an inner city school in Sacramento.  She was instantly pressed into service as a full-time teacher for three more years and retired again in 2004.  She and Jerry, her husband of 40+ years, lived in Antioch and had a second home in Sacramento, but were living full time near Mt. Shasta in 2012. (rev. 10/04, updated 5/2012)

Patty Conway Koch (material provided by Karen Rambeau): Been living in South Carolina for almost 20 years.  Have worked all that time at the Public Library two blocks from home.  We have kids living in Temecula, Indiana and Charlotte NC.  They have given us a total of 6 grand kids - that we don�t get to see often enough.  I hope to retire in the next couple of years and move up near Charlotte, NC and our youngest granddaughter. (rev. 7/10)

Tim Conway is very much alive and living in Tucson, Jim Mather reports.  Somehow Tim's name slipped onto the In memoriam page--and the Reunion Committee apologizes big-time for this snafu!

Nanci Corcoran Kelly lives in Aliso Viejo in South Orange County and works at the Times In Education department of the Los Angeles Times.  Her job:  working with educators to place newspapers in the schools.  Previously she held one job for 20 years--until the mid-1990s.  She says she really enjoys her new job and working with the schools.  She also reports that her mother passed away last year at age 89.  A recent highlight of her life:  a trip to Lebanon last year with a friend from Lebanon--a young woman who rented a room in her house and became a good enough friend that it was "like having a daughter without any of the baggage."  (rev. 5/6/02)

Bill Crabtree has lived in Olympia, Washington since 1975 and has been mostly self-employed in real estate, although he was a college professor for two years.  He chose Olympia because he fell in love with Scotland in the Air Force and wanted to live in a Scotland-like locale.  He and his wife have three adult sons, one of whom was killed in a tragic aircraft accident in 2005.  "We are beginning to feel joy again though Brett's death sill profoundly affects us," Bill writes.  They have seven grandchildren whom they visit often.  They are planning trips to the Caribbean and Italy.  (rev. 11/14/06)

Carmen Daugherty  retired as a vice principal in the Porterville School District in 1998 and now lives in the Phoenix, Arizona area--a first for her.  The sharing page has an item from Carmen, describing the latest news in her life. (rev. 4/09) 

Marianne Davis Moody lives in a townhouse overlooking the marina in Benicia, about 30 miles from San Francisco.  She is with Prudential California Realty.  She says she misses Southern California beaches but loves Benicia, "a great small Main Street town...great for a small town gal like me."  She has been single for 15 years and enjoys friends and family.  Her son Kevin is married and lives near Temecula.  She has two grandchildren. (rev. 9/2/05)

Nancie Dean Carlstrom (material provided by Karen Rambeau):  Married Don in 1973.  We were married for 30 years when he died of Lung Cancer October 2003.  Briefly lived in Northern California until 1989, moved to Pittsburgh, PA and was there 18 years.  Still own home there.  Moved back to CA and now live in Pleasant Hill.  My son (Ryan 35) and daughter in law (Melissa) are in Pennsylvania and I have 3 grand children (Emma 4 �, Aidan 3, and Gianna 3 months.  Love to be with friends, travel and have fun - life is good!  (7/10)

Laurae Deffebach Dunn and her husband Steve moved to Orland, CA to be closer to their children after he retired.  They have a small orchard and "huge" vegetable garden.  She works in a small county school (150 kids).  Their oldest daughter, Denise, and her husband David live in Durham, 30 minutes away, and have three children, including one attending Chico State.  Daughter Alicia and her husband Kevin live in Chico, 20 minutes away, and have two children.  Their son Bill and his wife Jill live in Susanville and have twins.  (rev. 9/6/05)

Diane Denholm Amendola has lived in Huntington Beach since 1972.  She writes, "I have two kids, three grandchildren and one son-in-law (I consider him my third kid).  I started a new job 12/1/04 and am counting down the months until retirement in February, 2009 (or sooner if I win the lottery) and trying to keep in touch with old friends.  And I'm finding it hard to find time for hobbies."  (rev. 4/15/05)

Larry Detloff and his wife Donna have lived in the same house in Santa Cruz for 25 years.  He is semi-retired from property management.  They live part of the year in Long Branch, Washington.  Donna is mostly retired from teaching.  When possible they like camping, kayaking, hiking and photography.  He's a "railroad fan," so they look for historic railroad spots.

Joe Dezso and his wife Judy live in Pismo Beach.  Always interested in aviation, Joe was photographed with Bill Glod in a Boeing 707 cockpit in 1959.  That photo is on here.  Joe soloed on his 16th birthday (the minimum age to fly solo) and earned his private pilot's license at age 17.  At 18, he got his commercial license.  He took a number of Mira Costa friends for their first small airplane ride.   Later, while working as an aircraft draftsman/designer, Joe graduated from Loyola Marymount University with honors and still found time for flying adventures in Baja. A highlight of his career was being the primary designer of the Robinson R22 helicopter, which introduced a whole new generation of affordable helicopters that could be used by ranchers, newsgatherers and even doctors rushing from one hospital to another. Later Joe was an aircraft accident investigator.  Now retired, Joe flies a Cessna 172SP (shown on Mustang Neighborhood, page 5) when he's not playing volleyball on the beach. (rev. 5/31/12)

Mickey Dunson Thienes sent this news in April, 2017:  "I moved East in my 20's and have lived in Arizona, Illinois, Manhattan (NY), and finally Kentucky.  I came to settle in Henderson, KY in 1986. At that time, I was corporate materials manager for the largest coal company in the world.  The company I worked for decided to buy itself to ward off a hostile takeover--and that's when a large chunk of management, including me, lost their jobs.  I didn't want to stay in the coal industry and I couldn't afford health insurance so I turned to my secret love of plants, especially herbs, for something to do.  No one was doing this at the time so very little was known about herbs.  I researched their properties, bought the herbs, tried them and was blown away about how effective they were.  This became my new career and I was the reigning expert on herbs and their healing properties.  I did consulting for families and individuals and eventually opened a retail establishment featuring natural remedies and natural food.  Again this was before its time.  I retired from retail about 8 years ago but am still consulted now and then.  Just look on the internet to see how much info there is about healing herbs.  Oh yes, about me.  I am divorced and have one son." 

Diane Dye Connolly is a part-time paid staff member for the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Red Cross. She and her husband Jim will celebrate their 44th anniversary in September.  They have lived in Hollywood Riviera for 40 years and have four children plus nine grandchildren. (rev. 4/18/05)

Ken and Janet Nollan Elling, who married after the 30th reunion, talked with Ken Allen.  They are now living near Half Moon Bay.  They gave Ken a current address for Susie Cunningham Mills in Templeton, near San Luis Obispo. 

Steve Emmons lives in Costa Mesa.  After earning his B.A. in journalism and political science at the University of California, Berkeley, in 1964, he worked four years at the Ventura County Star-Free Press.  Then he moved to the L.A. Times Orange County edition and worked as a  reporter, columnist and editor.  He retired in 2001.  He was married and divorced twice and has one son. (rev. 4/09)

Renzo Ferraris, our foreign exchange student from Italy, sent this news just as the pandemic struck in April, 2020.  "I live with my 50 year wife Marina in Arenzano, a pleasant location of the Italian Riviera near Genoa.  Our two sons, a dentist and a cardiologist who takes turns in a covid ward, keep warning us to prevent all kind of contact.  The lockdown found us with fridge, freezer and pantry totally loaded and we occasionally order groceries for home delivery, so never leave our detached home except for a daily walk around the block, wearing a mask - that is me, Marina just sticks to garden duties.  I work on my PC, read and listen to music. Petty maintenance and reordering chores get postponed until I am in the proper mood - remember, if a man said he'll fix something, he will, no need to remind him every three months!  A few friends our age living in cities got the virus, one fatally. All pay much attention. We don't expect the lockdown, began early march, to be called off before the end of April, and we fear that when precautions are loosened there will be even greater danger, as the virus will still be around, until they come up with a vaccine.  Best wishes to everybody, keep a low profile and avoid all unnecessary contact!"  (rev. 4/20)  In earlier messages, Renzo told of spending a day in 2007 with Shirley and Bob Terhune.   They got together again in November of 2013 and Bob contributed a Sharing item about that two-day reunion.  Bob attended Mira Costa in 1956-57 and graduated from Aviation High in 1960.  He got to know Renzo because his family hosted Aviation's Swiss foreign exchange student, Lucien Vallet.  Lucien joined Bob, Shirley and Renzo in Genoa in 2013.  A photo from that gathering is on Mustang Neighborhood, page five

Alicia Fuller Forsey sent this news in 2021:  "Favorite memories included volleyball, Spanish lessons with Senor Falcon, perfecting my mothers signature so I could write notes to excuse my absence so I could go to the beach.
     "After working as a history professor in Berkeley for many years, I switched to working 10 years as a minister always writing, regardless of my formal job.  In 2015 I moved away from Berkeley and focused only on writing, sleeping-in, travel and research.  Right now Im writing a screenplay based on a non-fiction book I wrote that was published in 2010.  In March, 2020 I moved to Newcastle, California The Gem of the Sierra Foothills.  It is a rural town with less than 3,000 residents.  My house is over 106 years old, on a street that has room for one car traveling at a time and just one block long.  My friend who came to stay during the pandemic says Look, a car is going by!  There are only about 14 homes on Threlkel Street.  My youngest son, Devin, lives just 20 minutes away so I see him a lot more often now.  He is an electrical engineer for Intel.  He married a woman from Hanoi about 8 years ago.  She treats me with great respect, which I never will get tired of.  Her daughter, Yen is taking college courses, deciding which direction she wants to go.  Devin has been trying for years to get his wifes son, Chum, a visa to com here.  Hes on a list.  My older son, Pepe, lives in Bend, Oregon with his wife, Marci and two children.  Isabel, a junior at Occidental in L.A., and Mateo, who just started high school last week.  Pepe is a sound engineer and worked for Lucas Films for many years.  My sons are very different from each other, but are both sterling human beings.  Im more than proud of both of them."

Boyd Garriott and his wife Pattie live in Salt Lake City, where he is Deputy Director of the Utah Legislative Financial Office and oversees budgeting for the state's universities, colleges and technical schools.  Check out his letter on the new Sharing page of this website. (rev. 2/13/02)

Lee Garrison lives in Morro Bay and works at Morro Bay and Montana de Oro State Parks.  An "eternal student," he is taking classes at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo. 

Bill Glod officially retired as an American Airlines pilot in 2002--and received the traditional farewell:  his Boeing 777 was sprayed down by two airport fire trucks as he taxied in after returning from Tokyo! He lives in Denton, Texas.  In 2005, he had open heart surgery to remove a growth from his heart and is doing well now.  Since then he has been doing volunteer work with the Denton County Humane Society.  He is also a volunteer with Lone Star Shiatsu and Lasa Apso Rescue from whom he acquired "the cutest dog in the world."   He has also made a couple of trips to the Big Island of Hawaii.(rev. 4/09)

Patty Gray Robinson and her husband Austin, along with their daughter, Kathy, own Yucaipa Valley Real Estate, Inc.    Patty and Austin have four grandchildren and are very active in their church.  For her latest news, check out Patty's letter on the Sharing page of this website. (rev. 1/30/10) 

Gretchen Guethlein Gunderson sent this news in 2021: "(I) am finally retired from substituting � did everything from kindergarten to senior high.  Karl & I keep busy; how can we not?  We�re raising a teenager � he�s 16 � about to start his junior year.  We have 21 greats & grands � and one of the grands is 4 months pregnant.  I keep busy with church � We have 2 priests (Episcopal) so we can trade Sundays off if we want.  I volunteer a day or two a week at our Ministerial Associations thrift shop.  Am 12 years out from my leukemia diagnosis � my oncologist tells me I�m totally cured.  Nice!"  Earlier she sent this news:  She and Karl, her husband of 33 years, live in Raymond, WA.  They raised two families:  their own children and a second family of children who joined them after the sudden death of their parents.  Gretchen ("the Rev. Gretchen Gunderson") continues to serve as an Episcopal parish priest and came out of retirement as a high school teacher to take on "one of the worst seventh grades to come through our doors in years.  For Gretchen's latest news, see the Sharing page on this website. (rev. 1/10)

Shirley Hall Conn lives in Newbury Park and is single with four children and five grandchildren.  They all live nearby and she sees them often--the farthest is one hour away.  She owns a 24-hour towing business.  (rev. 1/10)

Winnie Harkin Shepherd is retired from teaching and spends lots of time with her three grandchildren.  She and her husband Carl have been in eastern Washington five years and all of their family have moved there.  She travels, does scrapbooks, gardens, attends Bible studies and teaches porcelain doll-making to friends.  She and her husband went on a cruise in the eastern Carribean last year and are planning an Alaskan cruise.  They also enjoy trips to the Oregon coast, Montana, and back to California to see friends.  (rev. 2/8/02) 

Gary Hartzell is a Professor of Educational Administration at the University of Nebraska, Omaha.  Earlier in his career he was a teacher, vice principal and ultimately the principal of Mira Costa!  ("I've seen quite a bit of the place," he says.)  He and his wife Cheryl, who used to teach at Begg Middle School, have three grown children and two grandchildren. 

Judy Hawley Deatherage and her husband Richard, a retired clinical psychologist, live on 10 acres in the Sierra foothills near Placerville.  They have four sons--all Pepperdine University graduates (as are Judy and Richard).  Judy has contributed an description of her life and family to  the sharing page.  (rev. 4/09)

JoAnn Haworth Emmett and her husband Jim Emmett wrote in 2021 to say: "Both of us have had a stroke.  JoAnn is in a wheelchair.  We celebrated 60 years of marriage on July 15, 2021.  We have four grandkids and three great grandkids.  have retired and moved to Canyon Lake in Riverside County."  The sharing page has a description of their life and family. (rev/ 4/09)

Jan (Janeane) Hendrick Moody sent this news item in July, 2021:  "Sustaining me are wonderful memories of my life with Ian, my beloved husband of 37 years.  Ian recently and unexpectedly passed away.  I am a nature lover and star gazer.  I enjoy gardening (I love my orchids) and watching the birds occupy the bird houses Ian put up for them.  I am an avid reader, and meet with friends in a book club.  I keep in touch with exchange students from all over the world, who have been in my family�s life from MCHS days through the present.  It�s great fun to finally get together again with my five grandsons (ages 21, 19, 14, 8, and 4), my two daughters, and Ian�s son and his wife.  Reuniting with my sister, Karyl Hendrick, my brother, Jackson Hendrick (both MCHS grads) and their families, including a new baby, is much better than Zoom." (rev. 7/21)  Added note:  for many years Jan and Ian lived on the Sausalito waterfront in a home built by Ian, who was originally from Australia.

Bill Heueisen writes to say hello to his old classmates.  He left Mira Costa in 1959 to be with his father in Tehran, Iran, where he worked for Morrison Overseas Construction building military bases.   Bill later traveled widely in Europe, the Middle East and South America.  He's on his third marriage:  "a fantastic one this time!"  Bill has lived at Lake Isabella since 1987. 

Alberta Hitchcock Peters is now retired and spends time in Salt Lake City at the Mormon archives pursuing her genealogical hobby. She ran into Erik Gerhardt at the mall recently, just before a trip to Salt Lake and on to Colorado where she and her husband, John, were planning to participate in a bicycle ride called "Mountains and Micro Breweries."

Carol Hoffman Russo and her husband Paul have been married for 39 years.  They have seven children and nine grandchildren, with the tenth due in November.  Carol works in the office of a local parochial school and teaches a catechical course for high school students preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation.  "I love being around the young people.  They are filled with so much energy and hope for the future," she writes.

Wendall Hollis is with Entrust (formerly BEE International), a mission that trains pastors and lay leaders in Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, Africa, Greece, and wherever else the mission's help is requested.  After working with the mission in Vienna, Austria, since 1985, he returned to the States in 1994, began doctoral studies in 1996 at Trinity International University (north of Chicago), and graduated with a Ph.D. in New Testament studies in December 2001.  He is continuing his work through the mission headquarters in Colorado Springs as curriculum consultant. (rev. 7/19/10)

Mary Holmes (material provided by Karen Rambeau):  After teaching elementary education for 36 years - I retired!  A year later I joined the Kiwanis Club of Palm Springs.  I was the Kiwanis advisor to the Palm Springs High School Key Club for 3 years and advisor to the Palm Desert High School Key Club for 2 years.  I am now the treasurer of our club - Can you believe it.  I have also served on the Board of Directors of the Palm Springs Kiwanis Club for 7 years.  The Kiwanis Club does a great deal of community service.  Last year, we helped with �The Tour De Palm Spring� bike ride.  Money raised from this event goes directly to local charities.  In January 2010, I adopted a year and a half male beagle.  So, I had to �beagle proof� my yard.  What a challenge he is.  He�s smart but very stubborn (typical male dog).  I have taken on the responsibility of care give to my 89 � year old, infirm neighbor - Ruth.  Three days a week (M.W.F.) I help out a friend of mine who teaches a water exercise program for the Arthritis Foundation at the Palm Springs Community pool.  Well, it�s one way to keep cool on the desert.  In May of 2010 out Kiwanis Club sponsored a �Baseball Camp� for 6 to 12 year olds, along with the help of the Los Angeles Dodgers Organization.  It was great fun. (revised by Karen Rambeau 8/10)

Donald Hudgens lives in Thermal, CA.  He went "back east" and worked for his father's trucking company for a few years after high school, then returned to California and was drafted.  After that he worked for the City of Redondo Beach for 20 years, then Salton City for 10 years.  He has been retired for about nine years.  He restores classic cars and builds hot rods, "just like back in high school."  His wife of 40 years passed away a couple of years ago.  "So I�m alone now.  Hopefully not for long.  Ha," he writes.  (rev. 4/09)

Robert Hughes and his wife Kay have finished a five-year remodeling project that included adding a second story to their home in Fullerton.  Rob has now retired after 32 years with the Orange County Probation Department.  He is an avid soccer fan and is active in auto rallies.  Kay is a gourmet cook and an avid gardener.  His daughter, Kirstie, was a supervisor with the Orange County Probation Department before she suffered a stroke and died in 2008 at age 39. When his close friend Frank Peterson passed away in September, 2001, Frank's family asked Rob to deliver the eulogy.  To read it, go to Frank Peterson's memorial website and scroll down to the link to Rob's eulogy.  Rob adds, "after 40+ years of urging (harassment?) by Wayne Overbeck," he now has an amateur radio license and has participated successfully with Wayne in several nationwide mobile radio contests. (rev. 4/09)

Barbara Humphrey Boughton Sent this in 2021:  "Since my husband passed in 2019, I have been staying active in three clubs and helping out with a friend that moved to Las Vegas in 2019.  Trying to stay as healthy as I can by staying as active as I can.  I have two children.  Oldest is 60 and youngest is 59.  Three grand children and 4 great grand children.  Still painting and I am into beading, which is needle and thread and small beads.  Bringing my brother Bill to the reunion events.  He was in the class of 1962."  She lived in Torrance for many years.  She retired from Northrop Grumman (after 25+ years) July 1st, 2008.  She is still trying to get used to not having to go into work on Mondays. (rev. 7/21)

Ken Hunter has lived in Vacaville, CA for 32 years.  He graduated from dental school, got married and joined the Navy in 1967.  He is very active in the community:  Chamber of Commerce, President of Museum Board of Directors, dental organizations and other nonprofits.  He "found a creative streak and has been welding metal sculptures for the last 15 years and mostly donate them to organizations for fundraisers."  He says he "got (his) heart attack out of the way in July 2007 and has fully recovered."  He sold his dental practice in May 2007 and now enjoys practicing two days a week.  "We�re back from Argentina in March and off to Prague/Denmark in July/August.  We have found a community we can be involved with and enhance the city with our efforts.  It�s been a good run," he writes.  (4/09)

Linda Hutchison lives in San Diego and has recently written two books for Lucent Books, a local publisher of juvenile non-fiction books.  Linda's were part of Lucent's Modern Nations series and were about Lebanon and Finland.  She is now working on a new title on the right to die for Lucent's Great Trials series.  She and her two sons (Raul, 38, and Erik, 35), who also live in San Diego, have recently gone on several trips, including one to Scotland, England and Paris, and another to Hawaii.  (rev. 9/8/03) 

Donald T. Jackson and his wife Diann retired from the Montgomery County Maryland school system in 1999 (he was a teacher; she was a librarian) and moved near the Great Smoky Mountains.  He enjoys hiking and water skiing and records tapes for the blind.  Their son Dustin, 25, works for a computer firm. 

Stephania Janovec Potter and her husband manage a mobile home park in Ridgefield, WA. 
She writes:  "We are semi-retired.  I am a certified Washington State Univesity Master Gardener.  Have been gardening organically for 50 years.  I have one son.  My husband has two sons.  We have seven grandchildren and step-grandchildren and one great grandchild.  We both helped to start the Vancouver (Washington) Farmer Market in 1989 and were vendors for the first seven years of the market.  It is the SW Washington #1 Visitor Attraction.  We have been involved in our neighborhood Association when we had our tree farm in Washougal, WA and here in Ridgefield WA.  We are both members of the American Legion and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints." (rev. 9/3/15)

Shirley Jenkins Stubbs has been married 45 years and has six children, Teri (43), Shelly (41), Melissa (37), Derek (36), Heather (31) and Ryan (24).  The children live in six different states.  Her husband retired from UPS three years ago and they now live in Burleson, Texas.  They are active in Heritage of Faith Christian Center.  (rev. 9/9/05) 

Jeanine Johnson Falk (material provided by Karen Rambeau): Soon after college, Jeanine took up Judo and after several years obtained a first degree black belt.  She traveled on the National Judo Team and competed in various cities.  In 1969, she won a gold medal in U.S.l competition in Chicago.  She taught Judo for 6 years in the early 70s while starting a career in broadcasting.
     During Jeanine�s childhood, she worked in movies and TV doing bit parts and working in commercials.  She began at age 7 on the �I Love Lucy� TV show.  So it seems almost appropriate that she spent her career working in broadcasting�albeit on the opposite side of the camera.
     The first 10 years, she spent in radio at a local class A- FM station, KKOP, Redondo Beach.  She began as a copywriter, having studied journalism in college.  She soon became interested in the technical end of the business and went to school to earn her Radio Broadcasting First Class license with radar endorsement.  She became Program Manager and dealt with the FCC involving legal aspects for the station, as well as did on-air work.  When the station was sold, she moved into television landing a job at ABC-TV in Hollywood.  She started as an audio mixer on KABC�s Eyewitness News.  Soon after she was asked to join management and went to work for the ABC Television Network.  She was Technical Manager on many shows, including specials for Barry Manilow, Lisa Minnelli, John Denver, and Elton John, as well as the Emmys, the Academy Awards and the Olympics.  She won an Emmy for her work on the 1984 Olympics where she was Technical Manager for the IBC, International Broadcast Center, which fed the games to 43 countries live, 24 hours a day.  She also met her husband, Herm, at ABC and they were married in 1981.  By 1993, she was General Manager of Network Technical Operations for ABC West Coast.  But with that type of career, there is little time for anything else.  So, after much thought and planning, Jeanine resigned her position at ABC in 1993 to pursue her other interests.  She now works on environmental projects, and has rekindled her life-long love of horses.  She has a registered Tri-color Paint, Dakota, which she boards at a private home in Rolling Hills.  (While riding him, she often remembers the Friday evenings she and a friend would ride their horses up to the MCHS football field to cheer on the Mustangs!)  She soon hopes to be working with the National Therapeutic Riding Association who aid persons with mental and physical disabilities through the contact with horses.  She teaches local environmental classes for several cities.  Her home has been certified by the National Wildlife Federation as an official Backyard Wildlife Habitat.  When not saving the environment, she cruises it�in her 1971 Corvette, 454 cubic inch, 4 speed (purchased new!).  She shows the Vette, and out of 22 shows entered, has placed 18 times.
     Jeanine and Herm still in Manhattan Beach�.a little more than a good quarterback throw from the MCHS football field.  Their days are full, as Herm pursues his love of golf and Jeanine rides the trails.  Many evenings are spent on their rustic, tree covered patio with a cool ocean breeze and a glass of wine�.as they review the day�s activities and take time to appreciate how fortunate they are.  (revised by Karen Rambeau 7/10)

Carolyn Jones McDonald owns EDP Environments, a specialty construction firm that builds, designs and maintains data centers, communications facilities, clean rooms, etc.  The firm has been in business since 1978 and is now headquartered in Rancho Cordova near Sacramento.  She and her husband have three children, Tim, Ron and Kristi, and four grandchildren (all Ron's). (rev. 4/18/05)

Charlene Kendrick Dela Cruz has two adult daughters, Nadine and Cheryl.  She and her second husband, Louie, who was from Hawaii, had a "great, fun-filled marriage."  He died of cancer in 2001. "I don't think I've recovered, but try and stay busy with my two grandaughters, Lauren (11) and Brittany (9)," she says.  She also has a "house full of animals" and her mother has moved from Arkansas to live with her.  Charlene loves golf but hasn't played in a while.  (rev. 2/8/02)

John David King and his wife, Carol DeHart-King, own the Vista Del Rey Vineyards in Paso Robles near San Luis Obispo.  After college, Dave had a diversified career, including 22 years as a Navy officer and post-Navy employment as a systems engineer.  He and Carol acquired the vineyards in 1994.  He is also a feature/technical writer for various periodicals and trade publications and has served on the board of directors of the Central Coast Wine Growers Association, the Morro Bay Harbor Festival and the SLO County Chapter of the American Red Cross.  They host wine cruises--their favorite travel activity. (rev. 1/10)

Kathleen Kosche', LCSW, returned to Southern California in 1999 after many years as a therapist in private practice in Brookings, Oregon.  She continues to work full time for the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health as a clinician, field work instructor for MSW interns, and program supervisor for a mobile older adult treatment program in Long Beach and San Pedro.  She also works part time as a quality control and case consultation specialist for Memorial Mental Health Associates and recently started a weekend private practice in Belmont Shore.  She "still hopes to be discovered by Robert Redford for work and play, but has revised her expectations for types of roles." (rev. 4/18/05) 

Barbara Larson Young is still in Palm Desert and works in the tennis department at Sunrise  Country Club.  When she's off in the summer, she visits her daughter, son-in-law and three grandsons (Spencer, Colin, and Owen) in Walnut Creek.  (rev. 1/10)

Ted Laun has lived in Bullhead City, Arizona with his two "Canine Americans" (English Springer Spaniels - Lulu & Casey) for the past 10 years.  He enjoys life on Lake Mohave and the Colorado River. Ted's "kinda retired" now.  His daughter Leslie has her own business in Bakersfield.  Ted enjoys communicating with MiCoHi classmates and can be e-mailed at: or his phone # is (928) 754-4666. (rev. 10/29/08)

Bob Leinau retired in 2009 after 35 years as general manager of Waimea Falls Park on Hawaii's  North Shore.  He was featured in an article in the Honolulu Star Advertiser in late 2013 about his many volunteer activities in the community.  In 2009 he contributed a sharing item about his life in Hawaii and his latest acquisition:  titanium hips!  (rev. 1/5/14)

Linda Leon Zeiler sent this note in 2021:   �I really enjoyed my four years at Mira Costa:  Being on the LaVista Staff ws fun, busy and hectic, all at the same time, especially when deadlines were due! G.A.A. friendships were made and the games were lively and competitive.  Pep rallies and football games and track meets were exciting � and how great it was to hear �The Class of 1960 may stand� (and leave first), as Seniors, after an assembly or school meeting.  Lots of good times. 

Not much has changed for my husband and me in the ten years since our last reunion, but here�s a short recap from 1960 on:
    - El Camino, Long Beach State
    - Teacher, Torrance Unified School District: grades K, 1st, 2nd & 4th (15 years)
    - Married 1969 to Joe Zeiler (teacher, high school principal) Celebrating 52nd wedding anniversary this year
    - Children:  Amy (1972) and Jeff (1975)
    - Stay at home Mom (12 years)
    - Grandkids:  Two boys, two girls � Ages 10 thru 13
    - European Cruise down the Rhine and visit to see friends in Switzerland
Our volunteer work at church, the YMCA and Retired Teachers shut down during the pandemic so Joe and I were left with reading, Hallmark Movies (mostly reruns) and each other.  Donated over 100 handmade masks and dabbled in DIY Crafts, turning Dollar Tree potholders into cute door hangers.  Many given as gifts, others fill the empty spaces in cupboards, drawers and closets of the house. 
Once things reopen looking forward to once again attending grandkids� sports activities, dance recitals, school programs and seeing more of family and friends.  Short local trips, outings and return to weekly exercise (without masks) sound inviting, too.

Barbara Lewis Borak sent this news in 2021:  "Retired and living in West Covina and Lake Arrowhead.  16 grandchildren, two great grands.  Married 42 years � two beautiful 3 year old Maltese twin brothers.  Had our covid shots.  All is good health is good.  Love golf.  Looking forward to the reunion."  Earlier, she sent this information:  She and her husband Harry had their 25th anniversary in 2004 and live in West Covina.  They have five children and 14 grandchildren.  Barbara and Harry both retired from the insurance business.  They spend summer weekends at Lake Arrowhead.  Barbara's brother, Dennis Lewis, still lives in Alaska.  Her dad, Elmer, passed away in 2004.  They serve on the boards of the Mt. San Antonio College Foundation, Citrus Valley Health Partners Foundation, Covina Community Foundation and PERF Pulmonary Education and Research Foundation.  She sent a new "sharing" item in 2012.  (rev. 4/18/05, updated 5/2012)

Marjory Lewis Walter (material provided by Karen Rambeau):  I've been retired since 2002 after 35 years of teaching elementary school.  I'm busy watercolor painting Santa Barbara landscapes and landmarks and spending time with my one grandchild, Isabella (6).    My husband, Gert, and I started a ministry in Santa Barbara to the homeless in September 2008.  We meet weekly with homeless people who are in various stages. Many of them have addictions and/or mental problems.  We help them connect to resources for housing, detox, medical issues, and job opportunities.  Our goal is to show them God is love and give them hope so they may better their lives.  (Rev. 1/10)

Ray Linton still lives at the Woodhaven Country Club in Palm Desert.  Single since 1997, Ray is day shift supervisor in the Privacy/Security Department at the Big Horn Golf Club in Palm Desert.  Evenings, "although short," are spent watching cable news, the Discovery Channel, and sports of any kind.  In 2004, Ray received a triple bypass.  He enjoys fishing, lying by the pool daily, and may be seen frequently at one of the many casinos in the desert.  Ray's son Jeff (39) lives in El Dorado Hills with wife Lea and two daughters. Ray's daughter Jill (37) lives with husband Matt and two kids, Nicky C. and Claire, in San Rafael.  (rev. 5/31/05)

Terry Long retired in 1987 and sailed away.  He and his wife have now visited 57 countries on their sailboat, logging over 100,000 miles. (rev. 8/18/05) 

Judy Longley Milner and her husband Chuck own a business called "Shark Attack" at the Redondo Fisherman's Wharf.  Their signature attraction is "Georgette," a 16 1/2-foot Great White Shark.  Judy has a daughter, Terri, who is a journalist and ice skating teacher in Wisconsin, plus a stepson in Santa Barbara. 

Betsy Mac Donell Mora sent this news in 2021:  "Lots of good memories but have much to do at our place and it is a busy period for us and our business.  We have a ranch and tack shop in B.C. Mexico located on a racetrack in El Hongo.  My two daughters are both trainers at Los Alamitos Racetrack and my grandson is a jockey riding in Texas at present. We seldom get a day off and the animals never have a day off.  My father built King Harbor and I remember going over there while they were putting in the floats under the decks.  We are getting long in the tooth but still enjoy our lives here and life is an adventure everyday.
Take care and God Bless you.          Best regards, Betsy (Mac Donell) Mora"

Mary Magnuson Ramirez is Instructional Supervisor for the Special Education program at Palo Alto High School, across the street from Stanford.  "Nothing like being in Special Ed. while everyone else is heading to Princeton, Yale or across the street," she says.   She and Al, her husband of 31 years, raised his two children and their two.  They have grandkids on the East Coast and "keep more busy than we'd like to."  Al just retired;  Mary will retire in two years. 

Steve Main lives in Walnut Creek and has seven grandchildren.  He retired in 2008.  To learn more, read his updated letter on the Sharing page of this website. (rev. 2/26/09) 

Brian Maki is Senior Vice President and Regional Director of The Private Bank, Beverly Hills, a unit of Union Bank of California.  He has two daughters, Kristen and Trisha, and a son, Erik.  Kristen is married to a screenplay writer and living in Gstaad, Switzerland with their three children; they plan to move to Australia in August, 2005.  Trisha is married to an IBM consultant and living in Rancho La Quinta with their daughter.  Erik is still living at home and has had neck surgery and rib surgery after several back surgeries.  Hopefully the surgeries are over now.  The family sold its condo in Mammoth Lakes after 10 years, having bought a second home in Henderson, Nevada in 2002.  Brian expects to retire April 30, 2008.  (rev. 5/6/05)  Brian also sent in a contribution for the sharing page on in mid-2014.  In it he tells of his far-flung family and a European vacation to celebrate his 50th wedding anniversary.

Robert Mann (material provided by Karen Rambeau):  Sorry you lost me in 1975.  Moved to Colorado.  1st wife 10 years, 2 kids, Laura 39, Robert 35, 2 grand children Ashley 14 and Jaycob 10.  Second wife 12 years, ski instructor with me, Aspen 1978 to 1988.  Third wife 1990 to present.  Retired 2008, 18 years, teaching in private high school, doing property management and traveling!  (rev. 8/10)

Rocki Markert Hughes and her husband Kip ('59) have lived in Bonsall, halfway between Oceanside and Fallbrook, since July, 2000.  They built a hilltop home on 22 acres and have about 100 avocado trees.  They are both retired--and love it.  Rocki owned a pet-grooming business in Fountain Valley for 10 years while Kip worked for IBM. 

Judy Ann Martin Pattee moved to Hawaii in 2008 after closing her business, "Spirit Feathers," a New Age healing center and boutique in Portland, Oregon.  She has posted a description of her new life in Hawaii on the MCHS60 "sharing" page.  Judy has a son, a daughter and four grandchildren ("they still take my breath away when I see them," she said of her grandchildren).  Earlier in her life, Judy spent several years on boats and ultimately sailed across the Atlantic, among other adventures. (rev. 5/2012)

Cheryl Masters Conner and her husband retired and moved to Port Townsend, Washington, and in 2001 moved on to Spring Hill, Florida.  Then in 2003 they moved on to a "new" home, built in 1925, in Beaver, PA! They have four children and ten (10) grandchildren!  (rev. 10/5/03)

Jim Mather still lives in Tucson, AZ.  He and his wife Karin also have a summer home in Cardiff by the Sea, CA.  After the '99 tax season, Jim went fishing in Idaho, bicycling all over Europe, and horseback riding with his Rotary Club in Southern Arizona--plus commuting weekly to Cardiff.  Jim is an attorney and CPA. 

Rick Mattox sent a short note summarizing his life since MCHS.  It's on the Sharing page.  He also sent some photos that are on the fourth Mustang neighborhood page.  (rev. 2/25/08)

Sam LaMarr Maus has been married 43 years.  Both of his children are Mira Costa alumni (Sam Jr., Class of '81, and Mindie, Class of '94).  He has two granddaughters (Shauna, 15, and Marley, 5).  (rev. 8/18/05) 

Jim McCaverty, who retired several years ago after 36 years at TRW, recently sold his longtime home on 18th street in Manhattan Beach and replaced it with a new, three-story, ocean-view townhouse on 15th near the Library.  His new home is on the lot where Carolyn Strong's house once stood.  His old house was immediately torn down and replaced by a 5,000 square foot home for three people!  He is as amazed as anyone by the changes under way in Manhatttan Beach. (rev. 1/9/05)

Tim McClure retired from Pacific Bell in October 1995 after 31 years with the company.  He and his wife have been married for 40 years as of March 2005.  They have one daughter, Shannon.  She is a UC Irvine graduate and a Loyola Marymount MBA.  She is married and currently employed with Gateway at their headquarters in Irvine.  His wife, Dianna, is a North High (Class of '60) graduate and currently works for the LA Unified School District and will likely retire at the end
of the 2006 school year. (rev. 4/25/05)

Jim McEntyre and his wife Pam retired from their "normal" world and in 2001 began the pursuit of Jim's life-long dream--cruising the seven seas.  They are now doing that aboard Aurora, their 38-foot sailboat and home, which is shown in a number of photos on this website.  They spent most of 2001 on the Sea of Cortez, but while in Mexico Jim was recruited to do special effects work for the film, "Master and Commander, the Far Side of the World."  After a year of filmmaking in Mexico, followed by a long visit back home for the birth of their first granddaughter to their son Gregory, Jim and Pam sailed away again in 2003.  After sailing down the Pacific Coast of Mexico in 2003 and 2004, they stopped at anchorages in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.  They returned home and were present in the delivery room when their second grandchild was born to their daughter, Erin.  They are now cruising in Panama.  In 2006 they plan to visit Ecuador and the Galapagos, then continue on into the South Pacific for an undetermined period of time.  They can be reached by e-mail via Karen Rambeau. (rev. 4/18/05)

Barbara Meyers Searcy Kellogg sent this note in 2021:  "I moved to be closer to my kids and grandkids and great grandkids....  I will miss Cambria a lot, but being near my children is very nice."

Joe Moeller is the advance scout for the Florida Marlins, traveling ahead of the team to scout the next opponent.  He's on the road about seven months a year, going to a different city every few days.  He gets home about four days a month, but loves his job "getting paid to watch baseball games for seven months and playing golf the other seven months."  His wife joins him on the road about every seven days.  When they are home, he and his wife attend Orange County's Saddleback Community Church and live in San Clemente.  He's on the Board of Directors of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes for greater L.A..  "Life is good and God has really blessed me," he writes.  (rev. 4/18/05)

Nina Nebe Mentges sent this news in 2021:  " I enjoy family and friends at my Tahoe home for the whole summer, sailing, hiking, biking, golfing until October.  That si why I cannot make it to the reunion.  The oldest of my four granddaughters graduated from college and will get a graduate degree in forensic psychology.  The two middle ones are at Oregon State and University of Nevada Reno.  The youngest is a passionate ballerina with Ballet West in Salt Lake City.  She is doing her senior high school year on line.  My husband Peter passed away in 2018 and I'm very happy living in Palos Verdes the rest of the year and looking forward to world traveling again next year."

She had an earlier news item here, which said: "Nina and her husband Peter have four granddaughters, Anni, Kira, Natasha and Katarina, the first two by their son Boris and his wife, Jacki.  The latter two belong to her son Dimitri and his wife, Denise.  They all live in Reno, near Nina and Peter's second home at Lake Tahoe.  (They also have three grandchildren by Peter's older sons, Mike and Mathias.)  Nina loves golf.  She and Peter live in Palos Verdes and love to travel, especially in Europe, where they spend one month a year.

Marianne Neff-Daniels now spends most of her time in El Segundo to be near her daughter Marina and her grandchildren, Paloma (age 2) and Elias (five months).  She plans to sell her "cabin" near Olympia, Washington this summer.  She retired in January, 2008 after teaching high school for three years, being an at-home mom seven and working as a state mental health administrator for 27 years.  She has two accomplishments that are "dear to her heart:"  her son Matthew, a web designer and film-maker who had his second movie featured in the Seattle Film Festival in 2008, and her daughter Marina, a tenured ESL teacher in Los Angeles County.  Matthew later relocated to Hollywood as a cinematographer. (rev. 1/14)

Carolyn Newman Brisson and her husband James (MCHS '59) have one son and two grandchildren.  They operate a seafood restaurant called Kawaihae Harbor Grill on the big island of Hawaii.

Jim O'Bosky (material provided by Karen Rambeau):  I retired from the U.S. Park Service in 2008.  Retirement was not for me.  So, after three months I went to work for Sequoia Lakes Camps.  I only work part time and have plenty of time for trout fishing in the local lakes and deep sea fishing in Monterey.  We have four children (two boys and two girls) and 9 grand children and love to spend as much time as possible with them.  (rev. 7/10)

Vince Onofrio (material provided by Karen Rambeau):  What is my favorite memory of MCHS?  As I reflect back on my High School years I have many great memories.  However, I am stuck most by what a fantastic environment the South Bay and Mira Costa High was for a young person to grow up.  The beach, the surf, the weather, the people and the era combined to make a unique kind of experience that I have carried with me my entire life.  It was a wonderful foundation upon which to build and optimistic and fulfilling life.  The friendships and memories I developed then have sustained me throughout my life in good and bad times.
     As for a specific memories, I would just like to thank those who participated in my favorite events-most of them anyway.  I just hope their memories and friendships have been as sustaining as mine.
     What have I been doing?  I attended El Camino junior college and graduated from Long Beach State College in 1967.  After working for Warren Miller briefly and as a salesman in the Los Angeles area, I decided to pursue a career in the ski business and lived in several ski resorts.  I became a Manufacturer�s Representative in the Snowsports / Outdoor industries 37 years ago and have continued in sales or sales management in related businesses to this day.  I have not retired yet and I�m not sure I will totally retire as long as I am healthy.
     I have been married 37 years to Marcella.  We met and married in Sun Valley, Idaho.  We have lived in the Seattle area most of our marriage but continue to spend time in Sun Valley as well in a small condo we have there.  We have one son, Anthony, who is now 32 years old and 6' 7" tall.  He has been married for 3 years but no grand kids yet. (provided by Karen Rambeau 8/10)

Wayne Overbeck retired as a college professor after 37 years and 14,000 students.  Most of those years he was a Professor of Communications at Cal State Fullerton.  He also taught at USC for 11 years.  He published 20 editions of a college textbook, Major Principles of Media Law (Wadsworth), before handing the task over to a younger author in 2009.  To read more than you ever wanted to know about media law, check out his CSUF website.  He lives in North Tustin and has houses in several other communities (including Manhattan Beach) plus one on the beach near San Luis Obispo. His cabin in the Tehachapi mountains was destroyed, along with 100 other buildings, during a 14,000-acre fire in 2011. (rev. 5/2012)

Joe Owen and his wife of 37 years divide their time between Cancun, Mexico, and Manhattan Beach, where Joe works 4-6 months a year as a General Contractor.  They have two sons, 35 and 33, plus one grandson.  Joe's wife teaches in Lennox one semester a year and they both work as dive instructors when they are in Mexico. 

Jan Owens-Martinez lives in Los Gatos and does consulting with high-tech companies by telecommuting ("the only way to work") after a long career with Control Data Corp.  Her husband is CEO of a data communications company based in France and expects to retire soon.  She has one stepson, 25.  She loves to travel and has spent a lot of time in Mexico (her parents moved to Guadalajara).  She did graduate work at the University of Guadalajara after UCLA. 

David Parson lives in Yucaipa, CA.  He is a retired high school history and French teacher.  He and his wife Carolyn have been married 43 years and have 14 grandchildren.  They love to travel in Europe. (4/09)

Barbara Pennington Harris lives in Sun City, Calif.  She has a son and a daughter, and writes more about her life and her family in a new item on the MCHS60 Sharing page.  (rev. 4/09)

Sharon Peterson retired in December, 2002 after a long and successful career as an Olympic-caliber volleyball player and volleyball coach at the University of Hawaii (Hilo campus).  A five-time All-American herself, she coached Hilo to seven national championships.  She was recently profiled in Honolulu's leading newspaper--in an article that mentioned Mira Costa twice!   (rev. 4/18/05)

Peter Philp lives in Newport, Rhode Island, works for IBM and still travels a lot.  He moved there in 1996 after 20+ years in the Caribbean.  He also lived in Greece--and points out that he's always lived near the ocean.  Pete is single and has a 32-year-old daughter plus a grandson, born in November, 2001, and a granddaughter almost three years old. (rev. 4/29/02)

Carol Rawle retired as a California State Park Ranger in 1994 and moved to a "perfect spot" in the southern Rockies of Colorado.  She has "36 acres, a small cabin and trees as far as the eye can see."  Although she has electricity and now phone service (so she can be online), her mail box is a 20-minute drive and she hauls her water from a town 15 miles away.  Carol also cuts all of her own firewood for heat!  She adds:  "I live alone and after giving marriage a fair try, have discovered the bliss of solitude."  She has three kids, all now in their late 30s, and four grandkids. Along the way, she got her college degree at UC Santa Cruz at age 40!

Lona Raymond has lived in Florida for the past four years.  She is a legal assistant in downtown Tampa and "enjoys it very much," but says she didn't enjoy the recent hurricanes!  Her daughter and granddaughter live with her.  (rev. 11/4/04) 

Linda Reardon Neal wrote in 2021: "My fondest memories of high school center in Mrs. Fordyces chaotic room where we published LaVista every week.  Writing is my passion.  My latest book is Not About Dinosaurs and Id be happy to bring copies to the reunion if anyone is interested buying one."

Richard Redfield is with the Information Technology Division of FedEx in Colorado Springs.  He re-married four years ago; he and his wife Sue, a newly retired teacher, have five sons between them but no grandchildren yet.  They have taken up golf this year.  They also hike and bike, but haven't done competitive running since 2000. (rev. 9/9/05)

Richard Scott Rehart is a commercial real estate developer in Portland, Maine and "for fun" owns El Mirador Mexican Delicatessen at the Portland Public Market (check out his menu at  He's been out of touch ever since the 10th reunion, which he attended, but his son found the Class of '60 website and e-mailed him the link.  (rev. 6/12/02)

Karen Richards Rambeau retired from Boeing (formerly North American Aviation) on April 1, 1999 (no fooling) after 35+ years in Human Resources.  She married Roger (Mike) Rambeau ('59) in 1964; they still live in Manhattan Beach and love it!  Karen is active in a charitable sorority, raising funds for children with disabilities.  She loves golf, gardening, visiting family and "going to lunch as often as possible."  She wants to hear from MCHS '60 classmates. (rev. 2/8/02)

Lynn Richardson is an artist living in Santa Barbara.  She specializes in netsuke carving, as did her late husband, Armin Muiller.  To learn more, visit a website featuring her work and her biography:  (rev. 10/10/02)

Norma Rockman has been working at L.A. County's Department of Children and Family Services for 22 years and plans to retire at 25 years.  Meanwhile, she says, "the Mira Costa High Mustang is a good omen.  I took up horseback riding a few years ago and continue with lessons and riding as much as I can, given a busy schedule.  Horses are my passion and my joy."  A licensed marriage and family therapist, she likes to coach human/equine relationships. (rev. 2/26/09)

Grace Roehl Van Dusen is a homemaker.  She and her husband, Gary, lived all over the world during his Air Force career before returning to live in Torrance.  They have four children (Geoff, Gail, Gloria and Gretchen).  Gretchen and Gail both live in Torrance--so four of their five grandchildren are local.  A violinist ever since school days, Grace is in the Beach Cities Symphony Orchestra.  She and Gary celebrated their 40th  wedding anniversary in June, 2002. (rev. 5/8/05)

Joseph Rohan now lives in Seattle.  He is semi-retired and has two daughters 27 and 16.  He enjoys camping, reading and computer networking--and still owns a 1959 VW with a full-roof sunroof!

Don Roland retired in 2006 as Chairman and CEO of Vertis, Inc. an integrated $2 billion advertising services company with over 9,000 employees and facilities throughout the United States and United Kingdom.  In 2003, Don and only three others were selected from hundreds of nominees to be inducted into the Printing Industry Hall of Fame.  In 2005, Vertis under Don's leadership was named one of Fortune Magazine's "most admired companies" and was ranked #1 in the social responsibility category.  In 2008, Don was recognized as a Distinguished Graduate of the School of Business and Economics at California State University, Los Angeles.  Don and Kathy, his wife of 55 years, moved  to Annapolis, MD from Southern California 25 years ago.
     In 2019, Don added this update:  "Kathy and I are both doing well. Our daughter, her husband and our two youngest granddaughters now live in Annapolis, so we have much more time to spoil the granddaughters. I am finishing my twelfth year since retirement actively involved in community volunteer work, including Rotary, Chair of the County Library Board of Trustees, University of Maryland Foundation Board, etc. I�m dialing that back in June to spend more time enjoying photography, writing, fishing, and spoiling the grandkids.
     "Our grandson Ryan graduated from college two years ago, then joined the LAPD to begin a career in law enforcement like his father, and will be married in three weeks. Our two Annapolis granddaughters will be flower girls. Ryan lives in the Camarillo area. Kathy and I will be flying to LAX on March 21 for the wedding, then spend a few weeks at our home in Lake Arrowhead, and then take Highway 1 up to my son�s home in Santa Cruz for a week. We will fly home from San Jose on April 22. Hopefully the cold weather will be a thing of the past when we return to Annapolis."  (Don's photography is showcased on this website)  (rev. 3/8/19)

Dennis & Sharon Windsor Ross (news submitted in 2021)  "Where do we start... Dennis went to El Camino, graduated in 1963 with an AA, then on the Long Beach State graduated 1966 with a Bachelors Degree and a special secondary teaching credential.  Sharon stayed home and raised 3 fine girls.  Dennis taught Industrial Arts at Palms Jr. High 67/68 and then 68/69 came back to MCHS and taught Advanced Wood Shop, in the absence of John Honacer, who had been injured in a car accident.  We moved to Ojai, CA in late 69.... Didnt want to raise our girls in L.A. Basin, too polluted back then.  Sharon was still a stay at home Mom.  Dennis Carpentered union for a couple of years, then took up construction trucking, dump trucks... cleaned up fires, floods, earthquakes & riots, also built and maintained roads & levies... rock, sand & gravel.  Was a member of the California Dump Truck Owners Assoc. then moved north to the Auburn area... above SAC to build the Auburn never happened.  So in the late 70s we moved to Mt. Shasta, CA.  And continued Const. Trucking.  Sharon along the way got a Real Estate License.  But only did that for a couple of years... The girls all went to Mt. Shasta High School.  Doreen was an A Student, Deann was the Homecoming Queen, and went on to college at San Diego State.  Jill was a cheerleader, and went on to take Dental Assist classes, which she did for over 20 years.  We now live in a Log House on 5 acres on the outskirts of Fort Jones, CA.  No Cell Service only a land line...We recently ...3 yrs ago, bought a second home in Brookings OR.  Back to the Beach when Dennis retired from his trucking business @ 75.  We are looking forward to seeing all of our MCHS friends that we see all the time on Facebook.  Dennis & Sharon Ross"
Karen (Kay) Ruppert Darras has been married to Bob Darras, a family physician, since 1988.  Between them, they have five children (Kelly and Michael are Karen's) and eight grandchildren.  They live on Bermuda Dunes Country Club near Palm Desert.  Karen has started a new business; she and Bob love golf and travel. (rev. 2/10/02)

Barbara Rycroft Colee writes:  "(I) married Eric Colee (Class of 1957) in 1960.  We have three children (Tony, Jeff & Jana), five grandchildren (Anthony, Ricky, Haley, Cameron & Jordan) and one great grandchild (AJ).  Eric and I divorced in 1988 and remarried in 2003.  Much better the second time around.  Still live in Washington state.  I am very lucky to have all my family living within 30 miles."  (rev. 1/14)

Susan Sage Anthis lives in Shingletown, CA with Gary, her husband of 46 years.  They have two sons, Todd (married to Keli) and Scott (married to Kris), plus 10 grandchildren.  She retired in 2004 after 20 years at Shasta College as an administrator and teacher. (rev. 1/10)

Pamela Sanborn Crause sent in this in 2021:  Retired from Civil Service (911 Supervisor for Sheriff) after 23 years.  Since 2001.  Still active with children, grandkids and friends.  Im a weaver, spinner and quilter and have no difficulty finding something to do all the time.  Have turned into a round 79 year old lady with 4 cats and 2 dogs.  In 2009, she sent this:  Has lived in Placerville, CA since 1972.  She has two daughters and five grandchildren.  She was also a rancher for many years, raising sheep--until "coyotes and mountain lions found us/them."

Rich (Dick) Saum and Tally, his wife of 58 years, moved to Dallas, Oregon (15 miles west of Salem) after their home in Paradise, Calif. was destroyed in the Camp Fire in 2018.  They chose Oregon to be closer to their daughter Carrie and their two young grandchildren.  They have two other adult children and four other grandchildren.  In early 2020 they are going on their fifth trip to Israel.  Rich retired from the Postal Service and is now pursuing several dreams.  Earlier he was a "bivocational" pastor of several churches. 

In 2020 Dick sent this additional information:  Sons Mark (Plano TX) and Mike (Kijabe, Kenya) each have two children, so along with daughter Carrie's two children, it makes a total of 6 grandchildren.

My four previous trips to Israel were: 1999 [Familiarization Tour], 2001 [Co-Hosted Tour]; 2004 [Qumran Plateau excavation - 2 weeks]; 2012 [Qumran Plateau excavation - 3 weeks; Tour with Dr. Randall Price, Professor at Liberty University - 2 weeks]; Tally only went in 2001.  This 2020 Study Tour will be 2 weeks long with Dr. Ronald Allen, a classmate of mine from grad school who is presently Chairman of Bible Exposition at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Completed projects [all unpublished]: The TransParsed Bible [website available but currently being developed]; Compendium of the 35th Ohio Voluntary Infantry regiment [1861-1864]; Fictional Diary of Private Martin Saum of the 35th OVI [1861-1864]; more projects on tap.

For a longer description of his family and activities, go to the Sharing page on this website. (rev. 4/18/05, updated 2/20/20)

Pam Schillinger Gaskell lives at Ladera Ranch in Orange County.  She spends time with daughters Georgia Dee and Gina Lee.  Her grandson Logan James is "the light of my life," Pam says. (rev. 1/10) 

Dennis Scholl has closed down his trade show business after years of traveling all over the country to set up shows for clients.  He now has an import business, bringing in pieces from Nepal, Bali and other exotic places.  His big news:  his friend Vicki McDermott, with whom he's lived for four years, "has convinced him to get married!"  She teaches at Western High School in Anaheim; they live in Cowan Heights near Tustin.

Ken Sigafoos and his wife Jeannie have moved to Arizona.  In 2014 they sent this message:   "(We) moved to Surprise Arizona in July of 2012.  Ken happily putters around in his 'rock' desert landscaping attending to his happy cactus plants and trees.  (easy maintenance, eh?)  We love tripping to the Grand Canyon, Wickenburg historical sites, and Indian ruins as well as old western towns like Tombstone.  The warm sun and dry weather is a blessing to sore joints and the o� lungs.  Jeannie is the �scouter� in the family working with the Lake Pleasant District/Grand Canyon Council, Boy Scouts of America.  (let�s face it, she never grew up and still embraces her �fox� patrol critter from Woodbadge).  Ken remains active with his weights and keeping fit, and Jeannie sings in choir, swims at the pool, and works part time at the church.  Happy in a Phoenix Wonderland� " (rev. 1/5/14) 

Christie Smith Goodwin (material provided by Karen Rambeau):  Life is good in Colorado.  We�ve made this home since 1974, with the exceptions for 2 years in Saudi Arabia and 3 in South Carolina.  Our children and 5 grand children live near by and are all thriving and wonderful.  Currently l�m a quilter in a group making quilts for children at risk, substituting as a reference librarian and I keep running into dead ends (no pun intended) in genealogical searches.  My husband, Lance (Narbonne �58) is midway through a cross country bike ride.  It will take 9 weeks and they ride about 80 miles a day.  If my knees weren�t titanium, I would not have this as a long time goal.  We meet occasionally for a day together - Missoula, Minneapolis and finally Boston.  All that�s lacking in my life is quick access to the pain free.  I�m looking forward to visiting with old and new friends in September 2010.  (7/10)

Kagel Smith retired as a Northwest Airlines pilot after 34 years.  His wife, Pat, retired as a school teacher with 41 years of service.  They have three children, Brant (39), a mortgage broker in Phoenix, Austin (32), a pilot for Horizon Airlines in Portland, and Nikki (31), a captain for Skywest Airlines in Denver. They have one granddaughter, Savanna (10).  (Rev. 8/10)

Howard Snyder sent this in 2021:  "Favorite Memory of MCHS Leaving campus and going down to the beach every time we had a combined assembly and lunch period and then returning in time for my next class (Mod. Lit.), never missing any class."

Darla Sowers Calhoun is founder and director of the Agape Children's Ministry.  Founded in 1993, this non-profit organization rescues abandoned kids, mostly boys, from the streets in Kenya, East Africa.  The ministry has grown to serve more than 160 students in a home, a school and a vocational training center.  A recent highlight:  the group's Boy Scout troop took first place in a national camping competition.  To learn more about this organization, visit  Darla says her husband, Dr. Paul Calhoun, has just retired as CEO of Medical Ambassadors International.  Together they have five grown sons and five grandchildren. (rev. 7/25/05)  Darla sent this news in 2016:  Guess what!  I just wrote a book! Something I never expected to do. Now I wish Miss Stansbury could know this after all those papers we wrote for her!  The book is called "Agape's Children - Freed from the Streets"  and it's about the work we do in Kenya with street children and how this all got started.  The book is available at in paper back and kindle versions. It's also being sold at Barnes and Noble. Or people can go to and get a 20% discount.  The chapters are short and I hear it's also a good book for homeschoolers.  Hope you'll enjoy it! (10/2016)

Edna Marie Stewart Wright sent this news in 2021:  "I have a business I started at age 50.  My website is  It is a yoga wear company.  The designs are all mine and my husbands.  Sorry we will not be able to make the party."

Robanne (Bunny) Steyn Carroll loves retirement.  She lives in Manhattan Beach and has four grandchildren (two boys and two girls).  (rev. 4/09)

Bob Stichter is moving to Ensenada, Mexico, in September after 22 years in the Marine Corps and 15 years as a high school history teacher and counselor.  He has now been remarried over six years.  He and his wife have rented a house in Punta Banda, about 17 miles south of Ensenada, as a temporary home while they are locating a house to buy close to town.  "This is the only way we can return to the beach," he writes.  (rev. 4/18/05)

Jerry Stidham and Cheryl, his wife of 40 years, have moved from South Laguna to San Clemente.  Both of their daughters, now 37 and 33, are happily married as well.  One lives in Monterey County (where the Stidham family lived in the 1980s) and has two daughters. The other lives in El Dorado Hills east of Sacramento. (rev. 2/24/04)

Phyllis Stone Dolan sent this in 2021:  "Moved to Hawaii in 1962 (I think) and lived on Oahu for a couple years and since have been on Lahaina, Maui.  I have been in love with it all.  I have been married to Steve for 60 years. There are 2 kids....Chuck Vannatta and Kaleo Vannatta.  Kaleo has 2 children a daughter, Tea who is 22 and graduated from San Diego State in May.  Her brother Dane is a Freshman at Lahainaluna High School this year.  Steve works as a Manager for a Contractor and they build up scale houses in Kapalua north of Lahaina.  As for myself I retired from TS Restaurants as an Office Mgr about 6 years ago.  It was a good run.  Steve and I spend a lot of time at the beach swimming and picnicking.  We have a group that we hang with.  Life is tough!!!!  We will miss the reunion and hope to hear from anyone who is interested.  High Schoo was raly fun and its fun to look back on the Gold Ole Days......Aloha to All, Phyllis"

Margaret (Peggy) Stone Bodmer lives in Redondo Beach with her dog, Muffy.  She has six children and 12 grandchildren and runs a small accounting/bookkeeping business in Torrance.  She enjoys seeing friends and really enjoyed the 40th reunion.  (rev. 4/15/05)

Carolyn Strong White sent this news in 2021:  "Travelling to:  Sweden twice, Europe, USA, Florida, the Dakotas, Louisiana 3 times, Texas 14, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Italy, Wyoming and Mexico City.  Gardening in backyard, including watering every other day.

Jean Strong Carroll sent this news in 2021:  "Taught 2nd & 3rd grade in Manhattan Beach after graduating from UC Santa Barbara.  Married Ken 5 years later.  Chris & Bob born in CA.  Moved to Kens home state, TX, where Lisa was born.  Moved to St. Louis area, where weve been since 1977, with one yr. in Wichita.  Ken is retired from aircraft engineering.  Im retired from working as a reference paraprofessional at our county library system.  Enjoying getting up and going when we feel like it!"

Darryl Stucker is a longtime high school principal who is now Director of Adult Education in the San Lorenzo Unified School District in the East Bay area.  Read his description of his family and activities on the Sharing page. (rev. 2/15/02)

Kathy Taylor Graham (material provided by Karen Rambeau):  I have 2 daughters, 1 granddaughter, 1 grandson and 1 great grandson.  He is almost 3 1/2.  His nickname is �TORANDO�!!!!  I retired from United Airlines in October 2002, after 37 years.  I also worked my reflexology practice for many years; but had to close my offices the end of December 2007 because of severe ankle fracture that laid me up for 9 months.  Now I am a gimp and I walk with a limp!!!  Oh well.  Hope to see all of you at the reunion.  (7/10)

Bob Terhune, who attended Mira Costa as a freshman and graduated from Aviation High in 1960, lives in Olympia, Washington.  He and his wife Shirley recently spent a day on the Italian Riviera with Renzo Ferraris, visiting the quaint little village of Cervo, with its beautiful Baroque Cathedral, and lunching in Rive Ligure at a seaside outdoor restaurant.  In late 2013 they spent two more days with Renzo on yet another visit to Italy.  Bob has contributed a fascinating account of his visits with Renzo, his MCHS memories and his life since then to the Sharing page.  (rev. 1/14)

Steve Thompson (material provided by Karen Rambeau):  I have been happily retired for 5 years after spending 35 years working in Boise Cascade Corporation�s office products distribution group.  My wife, Melinda, and I continue to live in the San Francisco Bay area in Menlo Park, where we have been for 37 years.  Our son and his family, including a wonderful grandson, live in West Lim OR, near Portland.  We are very fortunate to spend time with them several times per year.  I�m looking forward to our class reunion, and to renewing old friendships.  (Rev. 7/10)

Matt Turner is semi-retired and lives in Redondo Beach.  He is looking forward to seeing as many people as possible at the 50th reunion. (rev. 1/10)

Nancy Vening Cypert sent this news in 2021:  "Loving my life � great family � great friends � great Lord!!!  I�m blessed to still be in the So. Bay.  Not very techy but I connected to Zoom � Youtube � and survived the �shelter in place� months.  Enjoying some travel.  I have three awesome fur babies that kept and keep me unconditionally loved while the world is going crazy.  God is good!!"  Earlier, she sent this news:  She has returned to Palos Verdes Estates.  Ed Cypert, her husband of 40 years, passed away in 2003--soon after retiring as chief operating officer of TRW's Systems & Information Technology Group in Reston, VA.  Nancy has two children:  Jill (39), who lives in Kauai, and Chris (36), who lives in the South Bay. (rev. 11/21/04)

Bill Weaver and his wife Alice live in Arkansas.  In August, 2021, he sent this news:
"... (I) have always taken a lot of vitamins and minerals and have never smoked.  Was 1A for the draft but was never called. I guess God has other plans for me. Went to EL Camino JC and flunked out second semester. Got pneumonia from swimming PE and missed 3 weeks of classes. So I just went
to work.  My Dad, (Bob Weaver Realty) co-signed a loan for me and I went into the gas station and auto repair business in Santa Monica.
"(I) Had a TIA in June that lasted about 20 minutes one morning. That was scary. Cat scan a week later showed no cats or damage, Thank God! The last sentence stated they found nothing. I thought I had some brains left but I guess they're all gone except for the basics. ):-).
"I am retired and spend time working on my HO model railroad and now that the China virus is just another flue we are traveling again. Just got back from a 5200 mile trip to Denver, CO. and Eugene, OR. to visit kids.  Took a side trip to Hill City, SD to ride the steam powered railroad.  Spent 3 days photographing the train.
"Moved to AR. in 92 and am sooo glad we did.
"Have a son Robert E Weaver who went to MCHS, is now living in Long Beach and is a LA CO fire captain. He was in charge of bringing in the Hermosa Beach fire dept. into the county a couple of years ago. Also have 2 daughters who went to MCHS, Cindy Janikowski and Lori Clement.
"My favorite classes were auto shop, metal shop, electric shop. I was asked to join the Key club. I was a member of The Voice of MC. Mr Cameron was in charge of that at the time. We ran all the sound equipment at the games and assemblies and the movie projectors when a class needed to show a movie or a slide show."

Michael Weaver sent this news in 2021:  "So many memories and a few jump out like the morning break on the quad.  The full assembly watching our runners break the four man national H.S. record.  Centennial H.S. might band rocking our gym in front of full assembly.  I feel so privileged attending MCHS during those gold years 57-60.  We live in the Sierra Foothills (300 ft. elev.) surrounded by trees affected by serious drought and the danger of fire keeps us grounded.  Also COVID adds to our decision not to attend this reunion.  Well miss all of you.  Mike"
Steffie White Lowder has lived since 1971 in Lexington, MA.  She and J. Lowder, her husband of 44 years, have three married daughters (Laura, Amy and Anna) and 10 grandchildren. She recently retired as a reference librarian at the local public library in Lexington.  She loves golf, tennis, biking, knitting and the beach.  She spends a lot of time in Chatham, which is the "elbow" of Cape Cod.  "Even though I can't partake, it is wonderful to see such an active class - I love all the photos," she writes.  (rev. 3/2/09)

Vickie White Costello and her husband John live in Portland, OR.  To see a detailed description of her life since high school, check out the Sharing page on this website. (rev. 2/8/02)

Bob Wildenberg sent an item for the Sharing page in 2008 and sent an update in 2016 to say that his two granddaughters, who were MCHS students then, have now graduated from college (at UC Santa Barbara and UCLA, respectively).  His oldest daughter, Jennifer, is still a counselor at Mira Costa. (rev. 11/11/16)

Sharon Windsor Ross (see Dennis and Sharon Windsor Ross)

Gary Wingate lives in Greenvile, a small town in the High Sierras, and owns a business called Summit Fence.  He's been a licensed contractor for about 20 years.  He raised four children and owns a home on two acres.  He has traveled all over the country and spent a lot of time in Mexico. (rev. 2/8/02)

John Winter had a successful triple bypass in 2011 and is now living in San Diego except when he needs to return to Phoenix to deal with his rental properties.  He said in 2010 that he was living in a 1912 Craftsman-style home with rental units on the grounds.  He writes, "this takes most of my time remodeling and upgrading.  I volunteer time and am on the Board and Treasurer of PAWS of San Diego County. (Pets Are Wonderful Support).  We are volunteer run and have over 200 clients."  His son, a contractor, has returned to California after 15 years in Iowa and Oregon.  "Life is basically good," he says. He submitted a posting to the Sharing page in 2010. (rev. 5/12)

Stan Yetter sent a 2021 update to the news item that was placed online 11 years ago. He
retired from TRW (now Northrup Grumman) in 2006.  He and Wanda, his wife of 53 years, have three adult children and eight grandchildren (including two foster grandchildren).  He feels blessed that they all live close by.   (Rev. 8/21)

Ricky Young has been married 30 years this September and says, "my wife is an angel."  He is still surfing.  He had a retail surf shop for eight years ("and spent all my daughter's college money on that venture"). (rev. 7/1/05)

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