"Mustang neighborhood" photos, page 4

These photos were sent in by members of the Class of '60 and their families
shortly before the 2010 reunion.  The latest photos are on page 5.

Mike Wimberly (second from left) and Linda Reardon Neal enjoyed a memorable vacation in the Galapagos Islands in 2010.  At left in the photo is the Zodiac captain, Horatio.  Next to Linda is a National Geographic Society guide, Paul.

Ken and Jeannie Sigafoos had this portrait taken during an Alaskan cruise in 2010.

Barbara Barry Smith sent this photo of her family in 2010.  She is a retired school superintendent and her husband Tony is a longtime Orange County attorney.  From left:  granddaughter Abby, son Scott and his wife Lisbeth, grandson Teddy, then Barbara and Tony. 

Michael Weaver sent this photo of his home vineyard and the photo immediately below (which he labeled, "my gym friends--they keep me fit and feeling young, ha ha!").

In this 2009 photo at Pismo Beach, Jack Mike Clute poses with his family:  Donna (44), Christy (49), Susan   ("gulp! over 60," Mike says), Amarena (39), and Mike ("not lookin' too bad after a six way bypass last February," he says).  "Susan and I can hardly wait for the September reunion," he adds.

Mike and Susan Clute ride away on outings nowadays...

But they remember how things were 50 years ago!  In this photo Tony Campbell (left) poses with Linda Kienly and Mike and Susan Clute.  Linda is Susan's cousin.

In these 2009 holiday photos, Noel and Laura Sewall pose with friends on their spread in Livermore, Calif.

 This is a 2009 photo of Jim and Pam McEntyre.  See the sharing page for an update of what they've been doing since they were married 45 years ago! 

Fred and Judi Broberg Pasco (left), Bob and Gladness Leinau and Karen and Mike Rambeau got together in Hawaii in November, 2008  when Karen and Mike visited the islands. 

This is Murray Bishop with "Lucille," the bike he bought while his wife was away visiting relatives!  He tells more about his new life as a "bad boy biker dude" (and a Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team member) on the sharing page.

Here are Rick and Vita Mattox on a cruise to Hawaii to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary in 2006...


...and this is Rick Mattox as a freshman in the MCHS band in 1956. 

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